Mainichi JK Kikaku (Everyday High School Girl Project) Anime Announced!

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What You Need to Know:

  • Today, the official account for Kina Kazuharu announced that his project Mainichi JK Kikaku (Everyday High School Girl Project) has been confirmed to be getting an anime.
  • Mainichi JK Kikaku is a project that Kina Kazuhari does where he draws real life high school girls that he sees on the street and turns them into anime girls. These images are then uploaded to his twitter that you can find here.
  • If you go to the official website, there is even a game that you can interact with a lot like a dating sim. To kick off celebrations, there is going to be a two day event in Gifu City, Giifu Prefecture where theyre will be a live talk show and Emi Hirayama, a seiyuu, will be in attendance. In the near future, there will also be a seiyuu audition for a pilot episode as well! If you are interested, be sure to make it over to their site below.

Offcial Website

honeys anime character
Heyyyyyy don't we have an editor from Gifu?! They must be super happy right now!

honeys anime character
Kimi no Na Wa put Gifu on the map, but yesssss more high school waifus!

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