Majo Minarai wo Sagashite (Looking for Magical DoReMi )

Majo-Minarai-wo-Sagashite Majo Minarai wo Sagashite (Looking for Magical DoReMi )

Majo-Minarai-wo-Sagashite Majo Minarai wo Sagashite (Looking for Magical DoReMi )

Majo Minarai wo Sagashite


Airing Date:
13 November 2020

TOEI Animation

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The movie is from the anime series "Magical Doremi".
"What you want to be in the future?"

Sora Nagase (from Nagoya), a university student who wants to become a teacher, but at the same time lacks self-confidence and is not sure about her future.
Mire Yoshizuki (from Tokyo), an office worker who has returned home. She got the job she always dreamed about, but she struggles with it.

Reika Kawatani (from Onomichi), a freeter who is saving up money to go to the university to pursue her dream, but gets manipulated by a bad boyfriend.

Their age, personalities, and living places are different from each other.
They can't see the future they dream about, and are completely lost in their lives!
The person who will bring them together is "Magical Doremi!"

After a destined encounter in the western-style store Maho-dou in Kamakura, which is a place where witch apprentices used to gather, the three of them start a journey together to Hida, Takayama, Kyoto, Nara, and all lands connected to "Magical Doremi!"

After laughing and crying and supporting each other, the three of them realize that they have spent an irreplaceable time together.
They are grateful for the fact that Doremi and the others have always been there for them.
While being supported by the witch apprentices, they step forward into a new and beautiful world.

Characters & Voice Actors

Sora Nagase: Aoi Morikawa

She is a 22-year old fourth-year university student from Aichi Prefecture. She used to watch in real-time "Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan!." She tends to be influenced by the opinions of people around her and is not good at expressing herself. She dreams of becoming a teacher...
Mire Yoshizuki: Rena Matsui

She is a career woman working for a famous trading company in Tokyo. She is 27 years old and has a leader mentality. She's also been abroad for a long time and tends to speak her mind right away. She used to watch "Magical Doremi" on a DVD sent from Japan.
Reika Kawatani: Kanako Momota

She is a 20-year-old freeter from Hiroshima Prefecture. She didn't watch the series when it was broadcasted, but watched it during its redistribution. While working part-time at an okonomiyaki restaurant in her hometown of Onomichi, she saves up money to go to the university and realize her dream of becoming a painting restorer.
Ryuichi Omiya: Shohei Miura

A university student they met on a train trip. Sora and the others sympathize with him because he is a fan of Onpu-chan. He also volunteers as a tourist guide in Nara and Kyoto, which were also the school trip destinations of Doremi and her friends. In the past, he used to cause a lot of flames on SNS.
Hayato Yabe: Akira Ishida

He is a junior who works for the same trading company as Mire. When Mire, whom he respects, is not assigned to a project, he is so enthusiastic that he always tries to talk to the human resources department in order to change their mind about it. He has also a crush on Mire, but it's a one sided love.
Seiya Kubo: Kenta Hamano

Reika's bad boyfriend. He says he wants to be a professional musician but is still unemployed while surviving with Reika's wallet. A pimp who doesn't perform live shows on the street and always looks for Reika's house. People around her feel sorry for her situation.
Doremi Harukawa: Chiemi Chiba

She's a clumsy, nosy, but kind girl who can't leave anyone in trouble. With her symmetrical and round-shaped head, she calls herself the "world's unhappiest beautiful girl". She became a witch apprentice in order to have enough courage to confess her feelings to the boy she likes.
Hazuki Fuijwara: Tomoko Akiya

She has always been a quiet young lady and is Doremi Harukaze's friend since her childhood. She is a reliable person who can make calm decisions due to her firm personality among the other witches. Unable to assert herself, she became an apprentice witch in order to express her opinions to her mother.
Aiko Seno: Yuki Matsuoka

She is a cheerful girl who grew up in Osaka. Her parents divorced and she was taken by her father, a taxi driver, to a different school. She is a sporty and quick-witted girl who manages the housework in place of his busy father. She became a witch apprentice in order to reconcile the differences between her divorced parents.
Onpu Segawa: Rumi Shishido

She's a very popular child idol. Her coolness and playfulness combined with her devilish charm make her immensely popular with the boys in her class. She became a witch apprentice in order to make true her mother's dream of becoming the best child idol in Japan.
Momoko Asuka: Nami Miyahara

She's a returnee from America and a naive girl. She became a witch apprentice in order to revive a bakery in New York, which was run by Majomonroe, a witch whom Momoko loved and who died after being turned into a witch frog.
Pop Harukaze: Sawa Ishige

The precocious and cheeky little sister of Doremi. In contrast to her older sister, while being a clever kindergartener, she also tends to be a stubborn and spoiled child. She became an apprentice to pursue Doremi.

Other TitleLooking for Magical DoEeMi
Main Staff
  • Director: Junichi Sato / Yu Kamaya
  • Script: Midori Kuriyama
  • Character Design: Yoshihiko Makoe

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