Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen) Slides Back Debut to January 2020! Story, Staff, Studio, & New PV Now Out!

Majutsu-Orphen-Hagure-Tabi-300x423 Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen) Slides Back Debut to January 2020! Story, Staff, Studio, & New PV Now Out!

Majutsu-Orphen-Hagure-Tabi-300x423 Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen) Slides Back Debut to January 2020! Story, Staff, Studio, & New PV Now Out!

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi

Fantasy, Adventure, Magic

Airing Date:
January 2020

Studio Deen

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‘Don’t look at me… Please…’
‘I’ll protect her!’

One day, Krylancelo Finrandi sets out with Azalie and others for the Tower of Fang, an organization where magicians are trained. Azalie is a girl whom he adores like an older sister, and she was known as the ‘Chaos Witch’ due to her magical prowess.

Then one day, Krylancelo saw her. He saw an Azalie whom had been transformed into a monster. In order to save Azalie who stole a sword said to be able to change the flow of fate itself and disappeared, Krylancelo changes his name to Orphen and runs away from the Tower of Fang. Five years later, he finally achieves his mission of reuniting with Azalie…

At the same time, Childman, a man extolled as the best black magician on the continent and Orphen’s previous instructor, and his former allies, Hardia and Komikuron, have arrived to subdue this transformed Azalie.

Amidst the conflict of all of these thoughts and emotions being felt, how do Orphen, the uninvited and well-to-do young lady, Cleao, and the young disciple that joined up with them, Majic, feel about all of this?

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Showtaro Morikubo

A black hair with black iris young man in an all black clothes that has an evil look. His trademark is the red bandana on the forehead with the dragon vigil on his chest. He is operating a black market money lender business in Totokanta city. Despite his arrogance attitude, he used to be an outstanding sorcerer of the Tower of Fang and as a Stabber after receiving his master, Childman's spell. His real name is Krylancelo.

Cleao Everlasting

Voice Actor: Rumi Ookubo

A noble of Totokanta City, and the second daughter of the Everlasting Family. She is a blond haired with blue iris young girl. As she attend a commoner school despite being a noble, she is a wild unmanageable person. As she had never go out of Totokanta City and adores of the outside world, She together with Magic join Orphen's trip forecefully.

Majic Lin

Voice Actor: Yuusuke Kobayashi

The only son of Totokanta City's inn Bagup Inn. He is a handsome young boy with blond haired and green iris. As he adored to be a sorcerer, he joins Orphen trip as he wish to become Orphen's disciple. He is a classmate with Cleao and always runs errand for him since the past.


Voice Actor: Marie Mizuno

A dwarf. He calls himself as Masmaturian Bulldog and came from the Tundra area, Masmaturian in the Kiesaruhima continent. He has a big mouth despite being a coward. He keep wandering in the continent as he commit light crime along the way. As he had borrowed money from Orphen, so they have am undesirable but inseparable relationship.


Voice Actor: Mai Fuchigami

A dwarf and Volkan's younger brother. He wanders around the place after being forcefully drag out from his hometown by his older brother, Volkan who is disowned by the family. He wear a big round glasses, has an extensive knowledge, and an obedient personality. He always encounter a unfortunate situation after being bossed around by Volkan's.

Childman Powderfield

Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa

Known as the strongest sorcerer of the continent and a teacher affiliated in the Tower of Fang. His birthplace and goals are the mystery. He has been remained in a coma after encountering an incident 5 years ago. After he woke up from the coma, he goes to exterminate Azalie, who has a strange appearance, together with the Tower of Fang's sorcerers.

Azalie Cait Sith

Voice Actor: Youko Hikasa

Letitia MacCredy

Voice Actor: Shizuka Itou

Krylancelo's foster older sister and cousin of Azalie. She has black hair with black eyes. She is operating a private magic class in her mansion in Tafuremu City. She used to be a student from Childman's class in the Tower of Fang. She has a fussy personality and is a clean freak. She always quarrel with Azalie as her hysteria can happen easily. Her second name is The Scream of Death (Kiiningu) and her nickname is Tish.

Other TitleSorcerous Stabber Orphen
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yoshinobu Akita
  • Director: Toshiyuki Hamana
  • Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
  • Character Design: Takahiko Yoshida
  • Sound Director: Takuya Hiramitsu
  • Original Illustrator: Yuuya Kusaka

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