Make Up Your Mind! – Mint Chocolate Vol. 2 [Manga]

Don’t Let The Past Get To You.
  • Mangaka : Orikasa, Mami
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Romance, School, Shoujo
  • Published : January 2021 - Ongoing

Despite the near-kiss and sleeping-together incidents, Nanami isn’t sure of Kyouhei’s romantic feelings toward her, and it is driving her insane! However, their parents are planning to go for a holiday this weekend. So this might be a perfect chance for Nanami to determine his feelings.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Welcome back to another review for Mint Chocolate! We hope you enjoyed the first volume. If you didn’t read that one, we recommend you check that out before reading this review.

Back to the topic. We left off from the first volume with a cliffhanger that turns out to be a false alarm. The relationship between Nanami and Kyohei gets a little awkward as the story progresses. Yes, it is complicated due to their positions, but there is a lot of character development and drama in this volume compared to the previous.

Why You Should Read Mint Chocolate

1. What Am I to You?

This is the main theme of the series, where Nanami and Kyouhei have a crush on one another. But due to their parents remarried each other, they are now step-siblings. In this volume, we get to delve into their past and understand why they hesitate to take a step into those issues.

Kyouhei’s mother left them because she has an affair with another man. That manifests a deep distrust toward women and isn’t willing to start a romantic relationship with anyone except Nanami. However, he knows where he is at and prioritizes his father’s happiness instead of his own. Sometimes there are contradictions where the way he treats Nanami is something that siblings shouldn’t be doing, which confuses her even more and difficult to pinpoint his intentions.

2. Wholesome

Other than the complicated situations because of them being step-siblings, issues are bound to happen in life, and this time, it is about Christmas. Nanami is such a carefree and rational girl who can make anyone calm down most of the time. Her excitement for Christmas is a bipolar opposite to Kyouhei. Despite the differences, Kyouhei is willing to change himself to help her whenever he can, like a brother.

3. Drama

No matter where we go in a romance manga, there will always be drama. Because of the incidents in their own house, while the parents are away, they started to avoid each other. Mostly Kyouhei’s fault, you will understand the reasons when you read it. Both of them see and express each other’s problems to their own to one and only middle man Andou.

And you love to see a best friend being sharp and intuitive when it comes to problems. Andou knows his boundaries well even though a lot of people in their school find him unattractive. Overall, he helps both of them to reach a conclusion they’re searching for.

Why You Should Skip Mint Chocolate

1. One Long Season

The timeline of the entire volume is a celebration of Christmas, so the mangaka took a slow approach to the story and character progression. This isn’t the kind of manga that suits readers who prefer get to the point kind of progression. Instead, there are many things shown in the story to build a foundation and context for the characters to reach a conclusion or situations they are in.

Final Thoughts

Mint Chocolate is manga series that shows how Nanami and Kyouhei set their boundaries between siblings and have a romantic interest. At the same time, they took the safest approach to get to know each other under the pretense of being a “sibling,” which creates many questions within themselves of a proper way to handle this situation. But the relationship they have, treating each other like brother and sister, can sometimes be wholesome. The story progression and character development are relatively slow, but that may be fine for some readers. If you have read this volume, what are your thoughts on their relationships?

mint-chocolate-vol-2-manga Make Up Your Mind! – Mint Chocolate Vol. 2 [Manga]


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