Manga So Mature It Doesn't Get Carded- Parallel Paradise Vol. 1

  • Mangaka : Story and Art by Lynn Okamoto
  • Publisher : Seven Seas’ Ghost Ship
  • Genre : Fantasy, Harem, Ecchi, Isekai
  • Published : March 2020

Parallel Paradise Vol. 1 Introduction (No Spoilers)

Tada Yota is a normal teenage guy, attending a normal high school, and has a crush on his normal childhood friend. We know from this set up that nothing is going to be normal from this point on, don’t we? Yota is then suddenly accosted by an apparition and accelerated out a third-story window. He is pretty sure he is going to the afterlife only to awaken in a strange land, a land where men went extinct 3000 years ago. We said men, not man because humans still rule the planet, they are all just women. (The logic of that hasn’t been explained to us yet so just roll with it.) The world is filled with dragons, barbarians, knights and a civilization on the edge of existence, oh, and lots of hot and horny young women, so they’ve got that going for them. Yota just has to decide is a planet filled with perfectly proportioned pretty girl’s paradise? or will the maternal demands on his manhood mean unremitting misery?

Contains Spoilers

Now Lets Oggle this Beauty

Yota, no matter how much he denies it, is in love with his childhood friend Nishina. We find him, in true manga protagonist fashion, slowing building his resolve to confess. His biggest fear is they won’t be able to go back to being friends if he does, especially if he is rejected. He doesn’t have to worry about that too long though because an apparition that looks like a disfigured teru teru bōzu wanders on to the school grounds then makes a straight line for Yota. The high school student is pushed out of an open window by the spirit and awakens in a strange land filled with dragons and castles. He is surprisingly not fazed that much by his sudden change in circumstances. Yota is accosted by a lady night named Rumi and a small talking bird sitting on her shoulder that she says is a god. Rumi, despite what she says, is excited to meet him. His simple touch seems to make her quiver and quake and a “fountain of desire” begins to flow from between her legs. We find out that no males have been in their world for thousands of years and we are led to believe that all that pent of frustration makes women weak before the lone human male on the planet. We hear tell of a “male-like” species called the Karu but don’t have any specifics yet, or an explanation of how procreation happens on a planet with no human males. We do see, however, that a teenage male dropped into the middle of a sex-starved society of women might be the luckiest b@stard ever as fountains become torrents.

Why You Should Read Parallel Paradise Vol. 1

1. She’s Playing Hard to Get

The marque relationship in this story is between Rumi and Yota. We get that it's like 90’s hip-hop group Hi-Five says, “I can tell by the look in her eyes, That she’s into me, “Cause when she passes by and says ‘Hi’, I can tell by her smile.. ‘Cause she’s shy as can be (She’s playin’). The manga plays out in classic will they won’t they from the beginning and you know with a plot like this one they probably will. The real question is it just going to be a lusty medieval hook up in the woods or will it be a substantial relationship. We know that the tsundere attitude of Rumi makes us think they will hook up, break up, and not talk about it, that is until they do it again

2. Can you eat my skittles…?

The women in the story seem to actualize Blow by Beyonce when she asks, “Can you eat my skittles, It’s sweetest in the middle.” If you need a further explanation it's like when a hot chick to tosses you on the bed and demands sex from you. You are in a world where there are no men and the pheromones you give off are so powerful that a simple touch of the hand is enough to make them “not fake it” in the middle of a café – the world is your oyster(s). The girls around you don’t just want you in that classic harem way, but they want you to strip them and have your way with them just so they can get relief from the agonizing pain of postponed ecstasy. 

Why You Should Skip Parallel Paradise Vol. 1

1. Let’s Talk about Sex Baby

Sex, sex, and more sex. You have to be comfortable with sex. You have to be comfortable with sex just like the great poets of Salt-N-Pepa once sang- “Let's talk about all the good things, And the bad things that may be, Let’s talk about sex.” Parallel Paradise pushes the boundaries of what we consider of ecchi. We see a lot of feminine fluids in the first couple of chapters and there isn’t much reason to think that will stop in the succeeding volumes. 

2. That thong thong thong thong thong

Sisqo wasn't wrong panties can be a wonderful thing, but this story is filled with gratuitous panty shots. We’re not referring to those cute little flashes you see in Love to RU either. You will get crotch shots and not just with the panties on either. You need to be comfortable with women of various non-loli ages exposing themselves in the pages and pages of panels.

Final Thoughts

You might need some alone time after reading this volume. You just might need to close your eyes and think of things like puppies, or the national debt, or calculate pie to the 10th digit to help your mind come back to earth. You absolutely shouldn’t approach the opposite sex within 5 minutes of reading this book. If you do approach the opposite sex bad things might happen because your brain hasn’t reset to “normal morality” in that short time. We think that you will enjoy reading this manga. Parallel Paradise is just the right kind of escapism you may need right now. You are all clear to read it if you are under quarantine and alone and … *cough* stocked up on essentials.

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