Manticore - Galaxy on Fire - PC Review

Prepare for a solid space battle

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Koch Media
  • Developer: Deep Silver
  • Release Date: Apr 19, 2018

Who it Caters to

MA-1-Title-Manticore-capture-560x315 Manticore - Galaxy on Fire - PC Review
Do you have a Nintendo Switch and wish there was an explosive and action-packed space shooting title? Well then, we have some good news for you! Welcome to Manticore - Galaxy on Fire where you will be blasting hundreds of ships to save the galaxy and take down some big bounties in the process. Pick your ship and your weapons and engage some rather nasty individuals in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire. Play on the go or at home, either way to save the galaxy works ultimately.

What to Expect

MA-1-Title-Manticore-capture-560x315 Manticore - Galaxy on Fire - PC Review
Manticore - Galaxy on Fire will put you in the role of a space bounty hunter trying to get some treasure and take out bad guys along the way. Players will enter one of several space crafts with a variety of weapons to defeat your enemies and stay alive. Explore areas untouched by others to collect materials to strengthen your ships. Prepare for do or die space combat in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire!


MA-1-Title-Manticore-capture-560x315 Manticore - Galaxy on Fire - PC Review
You thought it was all over when you faced an army of rouge enemies. Luckily—or maybe unluckily—you were saved by a group who makes taking down baddies their primary job. Now you’ll join them in taking out dozens of high ranking bounties all to make the galaxy a bit safer. Are you up for the challenge? Well, you won’t have much time to decide as the enemy won’t wait for you to make a choice in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire!


MA-1-Title-Manticore-capture-560x315 Manticore - Galaxy on Fire - PC Review
The Nintendo Switch has been growing its impressive gaming library more and more as the console blooms in popularity, meaning various developers and smaller groups are rising to get their games out there. Deep Silver—who has had some very popular games out there—has teamed up with Koch Media to bring a very cool and ambitious title to the Nintendo Switch. Called Manticore - Galaxy on Fire, this space ship shooter title has had some rough times with being delayed a few times but has finally settled on a release this April 19th,2018. We here at Honey’s Anime were given a full release of Manticore - Galaxy on Fire and having played it we have some thoughts to share with all of you readers out there. Join us as we take a look at this ambitious space action title in our review of Manticore - Galaxy on Fire for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s pretty easy to explain what you’re expected to do in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire. Players assume the role of a no-named pilot who has just teamed up with a group of aliens, humans and even AI to take down the galaxy’s biggest targets. That means you’re going to enter a spaceship, choose your armaments and dive into some truly epic space dogfights. However, does Manticore - Galaxy on Fire deliver what it appears to be advertising? That’s what we aim to find out!

The main thing you’ll be doing in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire comes in two forms. The first is taking on specific missions to either protect a set of targets, defeat a bunch of alien enemies and or just take down a specific target. This is the crux of Manticore - Galaxy on Fire as you’ll be piloting one of several unlockable ships with a wide variety of missiles and guns to choose from. The space combat of Manticore - Galaxy on Fire isn’t anything we haven’t seen here at Honey’s Anime—fly around and maul down opponents—but it’s done with a nice flair as you can dodge attacks with ease and switch between numerous pre-equipped guns mid combat. You’ll need to think carefully as what you use as Manticore - Galaxy on Fire boasts some formidable AI who won’t just get shot standing still, at least on harder difficulties. The bounties themselves will use numerous tactics such as flares and even special maneuvers that will make combat against them tough and ferocious. Even on normal difficulty, the AI was tough but we really do recommend picking hard for a more enjoyable and challenging experience.

The second element of Manticore - Galaxy on Fire is exploration. Players will journey to one of several locations in the galaxy to find parts and objectives which can unlock more ships and more weapons. Taking on these missions usually keeps things interesting as it sometimes can be unknown what you’ll be facing but that’s the enjoyable nature of Manticore - Galaxy on Fire. We loved trying to gain levels and exploring areas in hopes of finding more blueprints to craft some of the more impressive ships in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire. However, there is one weakness that both the combat and exploration show in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire and that is what we need to talk about next.

Manticore - Galaxy on Fire is a fun 8+ hour title but it suffers from very repetitive missions and areas to fight in. The latter comment isn’t an unusual thing though with most space action titles. You’re in space so clearly you won’t be always seeing much more than dark backgrounds with the occasional planet in the backdrop. There are some moments of variety here and there but we do wish there were more locations to enjoy in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire. The same can be said of the various missions you’ll undertake in Manticore - Galaxy on Fire which often feel repeated and overly simple. It doesn’t take away from Manticore - Galaxy on Fire as a whole, but it still does hinder it from being perfect.

Lastly, let us talk about how Manticore - Galaxy on Fire performs visually, sound wise and technically. Manticore - Galaxy on Fire looks amazing on the Nintendo Switch while on the go and while docked. We loved the art style and visuals of both the ships and areas. In the technical front, Manticore - Galaxy on Fire ran smoothly regardless of what mode we had the Nintendo Switch in. Unfortunately, the music and voice acting for Manticore - Galaxy on Fire isn’t so smooth with at times okay voice work and most of the time pretty bland and underwhelming delivery. The same can be said of the music which wasn’t bad but equally didn’t blow us away. The narrative for Manticore - Galaxy on Fire isn’t ruined by this—often—yet it will make the experience a bit less impactful which is a darn shame with a game that has a truly diverse world and setting to explore.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

MA-1-Title-Manticore-capture-560x315 Manticore - Galaxy on Fire - PC Review
Manticore - Galaxy on Fire might be a simple space action title but it sure as heck is a ton of fun. Being able to explore various areas and feel like you’re a space pirate is extremely enjoyable and is made better with space battles that can be pretty chaotic. We do wish there was a bit more map variety and that the objectives weren’t always the same but thanks to some strong AI and a decent story, Manticore - Galaxy on Fire doesn’t get too repetitive despite those issues. Whether you’re playing on the go or with your Nintendo Switch in dock mode, Manticore - Galaxy on Fire easily is one of the better space action titles on the system. For the low price of $19.99, you’re getting a pretty huge game with Manticore - Galaxy on Fire—8+ hours of content—and thus, we fully recommend it to everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch and loves space-based games.

Honey's Pros:

  • Fun space combat
  • Solid graphics and designs
  • Large galaxy to explore
  • Tons of ships to use
  • Smart AI
  • Interesting story

Honey's Cons:

  • Voice acting is a bit weak
  • Not enough diversity for missions and maps
  • Might be too easy on normal difficulty

Honey's Final Verdict:

MA-1-Title-Manticore-capture-560x315 Manticore - Galaxy on Fire - PC Review
We truly loved our time with Manticore - Galaxy of Fire and were truly surprised by that. There are a ton of space combat-based games—which we’ve played a few of and reviewed—but Manticore - Galaxy of Fire does a lot differently by offering a lot of variety in ships and smart AI to fight against. While the missions are repetitive and the arenas you fight in feel very similar, it wasn’t enough to derail our enjoyment of Manticore - Galaxy on Fire and thus, we think you guys will like it. Are you thinking of picking up Manticore - Galaxy on Fire? Tell us using the comments down below! Remember, if you did enjoy our review, then be sure to get stuck to our hive for even more game reviews and articles brought to you by us here at Honey’s Anime.

MA-1-Title-Manticore-capture-560x315 Manticore - Galaxy on Fire - PC Review


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