MARGINAL#4 - Winter 2017

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Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Idol, Music

Airing Date:
January 12 2017


Honey’s Highlights

mo-happy1 MARGINAL#4 - Winter 2017
Ooh another idol boy anime! And this one's from Rejet, the makers of Diabolik Lovers and Scared Rider Xechs! If we can expect one thing from this anime, it should be pretty art.
mo-happy1 MARGINAL#4 - Winter 2017
Yep! But with the focus on their everyday lives as well as their idol activities, it looks like it'll lean more towards the Tsukiuta style of anime.
mo-happy1 MARGINAL#4 - Winter 2017
Hmm, it looks to me like it will be less slice-of-life than that, though. It looks more like Uta no Prince-sama, with several different groups aiming towards one music festival.
mo-happy1 MARGINAL#4 - Winter 2017
Either way I'm looking forward to it, this has a lot of the same seiyuu as other idol anime like Toshiki Masuda, KENN, and Shouta Aoi. So the character songs should be great!

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The bright boys that shine in the galaxy, Big Bang!

With the light snow falling on February 13th, a new idol unit in Pythagoras Production was formed. They are MARGINAL #4, “idols whose KISS reaches the galaxy.”
The members are Atom Kirihara, Rui Aiba, L Nomura, and R Nomura. Together, they give their best performances with their fan’s cheers of support! There is also the senior idol unit LAGRANGE POINT, and the junior idol unit UNICORN Jr.
Off the stage though... they are just normal high school boys!
There are a lot of happenings in their high school lives that will be revealed!

With their “dreams” and their “bonds,” will they be able to make the BIG BANG MIRACLE come true?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Atom Kirihara

Voice Actor: Toshiki Masuda

Birthday: July 7th
Blood Type: B
Favourite food: Yakiniku
Atom is the “ore-sama” idol attached to MARGINAL#4 under Pythagoras Productions. Very confident in his words and actions, his distinctive characteristic is that whatever his goal is, he pushes onwards powerfully towards it. Atom makes the best of his great physical talent, and specializes in giving powerful performances that energize his surroundings. In between school and work, he is on ‘Skitter’ and he is frequently using it as it is his hobby. He is really bad at studying.

Rui Aiba

Voice Actor: Naozumi Takahashi

Birthday: March 9th
Blood Type: A
Favourite food: Yuba Tofu (boiled tofu skin)
Rui is the cool, calm, and collected Prince idol member of MARGINAL#4. Starting with his extensive knowledge of math that he excels at, he is at the top of his class. Furthermore, as an idol, he has all of the essential skills related to singing and dance. Naturally then, he could be called a versatile all-arounder. It does not matter to whom he speaks, he will always use gentle, polite language.

L Nomura

Voice Actor: KENN

Birthday: November 23rd
Blood Type: A
Favourite food: Octopus-shaped sausages
L has a natural idol aura and is a member of MARGINAL#4. L’s special characteristic is that he has a very flashy and gaudy exterior while being able to charm those around him with his words and actions. He is the most fashionable member, and is able to change his piercings to match his fashion and outfits. He is good at changing his mood between work and home. At home and at the office, he is raising many Marimo. R is his twin older brother.

R Nomura

Voice Actor: Yuto Suzuki

Birthday: November 23rd
Blood Type: O
Favourite food: Tomatoes
R is the leader of MARGINAL#4 and has a great sense of individuality. He is slightly bashful, but when push comes to shove, he shows that he stands above the rest with the strength of his heart. He excels at judging the situation around him, and he has a gentle personality and does not neglect to care and support others. R loves online games and will use net slang in conversation sometimes. At home with L, they are raising their beloved dog, Mayuge whom they love to spoil.

Shy Makishima

Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Birthday: October 22
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Cinnamon Roll
The stoic member of the senior idol unit LAGRANGE POINT. Gifted with a good musical intuition, he aims to be the top in the entertainment industry. With his beautiful face and kind words, he melts the heart of his princess fans. But he also has a manly side. He respects his co-member Kira a lot because of the latter’s hard working personality.

Kira Himuro

Voice Actor: Genki Oogawa

Birthday: May 5
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Chicken Curry
The wild, big-brother type member of LAGRANGE POINT. He works hard towards his goals and never gives up. Everyone is charmed by his personality. As the mood maker, he also takes care of his juniors and gives them food. He is naturally athletic, and can become good at almost any sport with little effort. He respects his partner Shy for the latter’s natural talent in music.

Tsubasa Shindo

Voice Actor: Shouta Aoi

Birthday: June 11
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Chocolate Sticks
A member of the fresh junior unit UNICORN Jr., he has a devilish, charming smile. Although he is the youngest, he has a strong influence among his comrades. He respects his seniors LAGRANGE POINT and MARGINAL #4, and works hard every day to catch up to them someday.

Alto Takimaru

Voice Actor: Chiharu Sawashiro

Birthday: April 22
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Salmon Onigiri
The member of UNICORN Jr. with cool looks. He gains fans without even saying anything and is a mysterious person who moves at his own pace. He is known for his sharp dance performances and the large pauses when he talks. Somewhere hidden behind that cool facade is a burning fighting spirit that aims to be the top idol unit.

Teruma Nakama

Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Someya

Birthday: November 9
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Strawberry Daifuku
Innocent and loved by old and young fans alike, Teruma is the member of UNICORN Jr. with a charming smile and pure heart. Making practicing his hobby, he is an enthusiastic hard worker and respects his seniors LAGRANGE POINT and MARGINAL #4. He has a strict side as well, and holds together UNICORN Jr. as a group.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: WeMe!!!! by Marginal#4
  • Ending Song: Shinobi - Just a Heaven
    Shinobu - Just A Heaven by Marginal #4
    Melty♥Love♥Cooking by L Nomura (KENN) & R Nomura (Yuto Suzuki)
    Revolution XX by Lagrange Point
    Mr. StarrySky by Rui Aiba (Naozumi Takahashi)
    REAL? by UNICORN Jr.
    Kokoro Hitotsu by L Nomura (KENN)
    HOT★SCRAMBLE by Atom Kirihara (Toshiki Masuda) & Rui Aiba (Naozumi Takahashi)
    Colorful by R Nomura (Yuto Suzuki)
    Tamashii no Nonstop Lover by Atom Kirihara (Toshiki Masuda)
    Kizuna by Marginal #4
    Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang by Pythagoras★All Star: Marginal #4 & Lagrange Point & Unicorn Jr.

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Rejet
  • Director: Kentarou Suzuki
  • Series Composition: Masahiro Yokotani
  • Character Design: Youko Itou
  • Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi
  • Original Illustrator: Sou Kirishima
  • Music: sakai asuka

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