Mars Red

Mars Red

Action, Military, Historical, Supernatural, Vampire

Airing Date:
Spring 2021

Singal. MD

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The year is 1923 and vampires live among the humans in Tokyo.
The vampires live in the dark and feed on human blood. They have existed for several centuries, somehow managing to live in hiding until present day.
Within the army, the government and Lieutenant General Nakajima create a special unit, called “Code Zero”, to deal with information war. Both the unit and it's creator are reassigned to solve the vampire crisis.

The members of this unit are...

Yoshinobu Maeda, the best army colonel in the world; Shutaro Kurisu, a newbie to the army but the strongest vampire in the country; Tokuichi Yamagami, who has the brains but not skills; Suwa who has been a vampire ever since the Edo period; and the mad scientist Takeuchi, whose brain never seems to age.
The number of vampires only seems to increase. There are people moving behind the scenes, and they learn of the existence of a mysterious artificial blood source called Ascra.
Deflotte watches all of this unfold very calmly. She is a vampire whose age is well over 300 years, and yet her appearance is that of a child.
Code Zero has to put a stop to all of this before the vampires take over the city!

Characters & Voice Actors

Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Shutaro Kurisu: Tasuku Hatanaka

He's one of the strongest vampires in the country, and a new member of “Code Zero.”
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Yoshinobu Maeda: Junichi Suwabe

He is humanity's strongest army colonel and he manages “Code Zero.”
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Tokuichi Yamagami: Kouichi Yamadera

He used to be an elite in the army, but he became a vampire with the lowest capabilities. He was in the same year as Maeda.
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Takeuchi: Akira Ishida

A mad scientist who are crazy about having non-aging brain.
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Suwa : Kenichi Suzumura

He continues being a vampire since Edo Period.
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Sounosuke Nakajima: Hiroshi Yanaka

He comes from a family of samurai in the Saga prefecture. He’s the Lieutenant General of the army. He’s Yoshinobu Maeda’s guardian who also has political connections.
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Aoi Shirase: Fumiko Orikasa

She is Kurisu’s childhood friend. She’s a journalist at a small newspaper called “Nitto News.” She’s trying to find out if the vampires have any connection to the case of “burning bodies.”
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Deflotte: Miyuki Sawashiro

She’s a traditional S-rank vampire. She got completely drawn to Misaki’s acting at the imperial theater and she wanted to get her more famous. However, upon Misaki’s death she ends up working with Aoi to find out the truth behind it.
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Misaki: Ayahi Takagaki

She was the lead actress in the play “Salome” at the imperial theater. She’s a vampire and is held captive at the Code Zero’s Tsukishima base.
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Rufus Gren: Makoto Furukawa

He’s from England but works on a secret project within the Japanese government. He has a strong connection to the vampires.
Mars-Red-KV1 Mars Red
Shinnosuke Tenmaya: Sachi Kokuryu

He owns the strange employment agency “Tenmanya”, which is only for vampires. He’s a friend of the vampires and provides them with food and family registry.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Seimei no Aria" by Wagakki Band
  • Ending Song: "ON MY OWN" by HYDE(Virgin Music)
”Mars Red” (Music & Reading performance)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Bunou Fujisawa
  • Director: Kouhei Hatano
  • Script: Junichi Fujisaku
  • Series Composition: Junichi Fujisaku
  • Character Design: Yukari Takeuchi
  • Sound Director: Bunou Fujisawa
  • Original Illustrator: Kemuri Karakara
  • Music: Toshiyuki Muranaka

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