Meet and Defeat Albion Online's Guardians!

albiongurard-560x315 Meet and Defeat Albion Online's Guardians!

What You Need to Know:

  • In the latest of many exciting content updates to Albion Online ahead of its July 17th launch, Sandbox Interactive proves it’s poised to change the face of the MMORPG genre. Get ready to leave your mark on the world as you hunt down the ancient resource-turned-sentient Guardians of Albion.
  • . These titans roam the land, presenting rare hunting opportunities, ready for you to craft them into gear that other players will write tales about. Face-off against the massive mammoth ‘Old White’, a not-so-peaceful ‘Ancient Ent’, the hard-headed ‘Rock Giant’, a furiously fibrous ‘Enormous Dryad’, and the ‘Ore Colossus’ which packs a diamond-hard punch.
  • Each Guardian will require players to test their tactical prowess to take it down, giving all you strategists out there a run for your money. For full details of Albion Online's robust features, be sure to visit the official website.

Source: Official Press Release

Key Online Features

  • Tell your story: Inhabit a persistent world where you decide what your legacy will be. Will you take up the mantle of a legendary warrior? What about a world-renowned armorsmith?
  • Player-driven economy: From shopkeepers’ wares to every item that mobs drop, players craft the goods that keep Albion’s economic wheel spinning.
  • Change the game. Go classless: Don’t feel burdened by your role. Embrace Albion’s “You Are What You Wear” system and shift your role with ease.
  • Represent your Guild: Connect and coordinate with other players to expand your territory on an ever-shifting map as you take on rival Guilds and shape Albion in your image.
  • Be part of a community: Join over 250,000 dedicated players in the beta alone.

  • albiongurard-560x315 Meet and Defeat Albion Online's Guardians!
    The team behind Albion Online have been doing such a great job of keeping their community informed of new updates, etc. Hats off to them!
    albiongurard-560x315 Meet and Defeat Albion Online's Guardians!
    I'm tempted to actually jump in and try it myself since so much news has circulated around the game.

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