Megumi to Tsugumi - Can You Really Tame an Omega?

With each passing month, we’ve been spoiled by BL mangakas who put a lot of effort into creating amazing stories for their readers. Mitsuru Si is not an exception, since they’ve been working on Megumi to Tsugumi since 2017. But this omegaverse is not like the rest; what makes it stand out, though? Is it worth giving it a try? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

It’s All About Willpower

Tsugumi is not your typical omega, and it doesn’t take long for the reader to notice that. He’s tough, always getting in trouble with students from other schools, picking fights, and terrorizing whoever dares look at him in a weird way. After beating some alphas from an elite school in a fight, Megumi comes looking for Tsugumi to avenge his fallen comrades. Far from running away, Tsugumi is ready to fight… Ignoring the fact that he’s in heat and his pheromones are all over the place! Turns out Tsugumi is not the kind of omega to control his heat cycle with suppressants, since he believes it’s all about willpower.

Megumi tries hard to control his urges and manages to run away, but Tsugumi is not happy at all with that and starts waiting for Megumi every day outside of his school. Soon, everyone is wondering why there’s a scary high school student carrying a steel pipe standing outside the gate. Megumi thinks that Tsugumi will eventually give up, but he’s wrong! This omega is more than patient and stubborn to let go. His willpower is not running out any time soon.

What Is This Fluttering Feeling?

As time goes by, the encounters between Megumi and Tsugumi increase, something that makes them both change the way they feel about each other. While Megumi is quick to realize that he’s falling in love with this stubborn omega, Tsugumi struggles to put a name to these newfound feelings. At first, Tsugumi thinks it’s just the urge to become stronger, seeing Megumi as a worthy opponent, but then his heart starts skipping a beat every time he sees him… What is going on?

What starts as a physical relationship between these two suddenly turns into something more complicated when Megumi’s dad finds out about the whole thing. A proud alpha and owner of a prestigious school exclusively for alphas, Megumi’s dad is the kind of person who won’t tolerate his son finding an inferior partner. For him, omegas are just toys destined to satisfy an alpha’s need, not more than that. Of course, Megumi is not willing to give up and will do whatever it takes to be together with the man that he loves… Not only will he have to go against his powerful father, but he’ll also have to convince Tsugumi’s overprotective dads that he’s being serious about this relationship. Meanwhile, Tsugumi is still trying to figure out what’s wrong with his heart and thinking that he should probably visit a doctor. Good luck with finding the answers Tsugumi!

An Omega Who Can’t Be Tamed

Unlike any other omega, Tsugumi doesn’t lose his mind when he’s in heat and will fight any alpha who wants to take advantage of the situation. However, when he finds himself locked inside a room with Megumi, things take a different turn and they end up doing some things that Tsugumi would rather forget. Tsugumi is not willing to admit (or even think) that he has some conflicting feelings when it comes to Megumi, he just ignores this and goes on with his life. After a few encounters, this alpha and omega pair strike a deal: Megumi will help Tsugumi every time he’s in heat, so Tsugumi won’t have to take any suppressants.

Even though Megumi thinks they’re getting closer, Tsugumi doesn’t really see him as a partner but more like a… sugar daddy?! That’s because Megumi keeps giving him gifts, taking him out for food, and just giving him anything that he wants. Maybe it’s time Megumi and Tsugumi have a serious conversation about their relationship. We’re rooting for you Megumi!

Final Thoughts

Megumi to Tsugumi is a great omegaverse for those who not only dig this subgenre but also like good art with a funny yet sometimes serious plot. The author is really enjoying working on this manga, so we’ll have plenty of chapters to read in the future!

We pray that Megumi will be able to make Tsugumi realize that they’re made for each other, and while we wait for that to happen, we can read and enjoy their funny and sexy moments together.

megumi-to-tsugumi-cd Megumi to Tsugumi - Can You Really Tame an Omega?

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