New Isekai Working Anime "Meikyuu Black Company" Begins Summer 2021!!

Meikyuu Black Company

Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai

Airing Date:
Summer 2021


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“I don’t wanna work!” is Kinji Ninomiya’s mantra. He worked hard to make his dream of becoming a professional loafer come true and is now able to live a cushy life off of his investments. However, he is unexplainably transported to another world right at the very moment he is ready to begin his idle life. He arrives in a labyrinth-like workplace run by an evil corporation.

His leisurely life completely changes in an instant and every day he is forced to do physical labor, shedding blood, sweat and tears in a mine that was once called “The Dungeon.” The worksite is a harsh environment with long hours and low wages. And on top of that, he is harassed by his boss, exploited, and brainwashed into thinking his job is rewarding. He’s now stuck being what he used to look down on—a corporate slave.

However, Kinji is not going to just sit there and take it! He’s determined to get his perfect life of leisure back by any means necessary, using his craft and cunning to tenaciously climb the social ladder.

This is the indomitable story of a prideful and highly unconventional young man who just doesn’t want to work anymore.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kinji Ninomiya

Voice Actor: Katsuyuki Konishi

An ex-celebrity and professional loafer. After being transported to another world, he spends his days working as a corporate drone doing manual labor for an evil corporation called Leissach Mining Industries. In order to escape from the hell he’s living in, he uses any means necessary to climb the social ladder. He’s a self-centered guy who is crafty and cunning.


Voice Actor: Misaki Kuno

A dragon-like creature Kinji meets in Detmold Labyrinth. She usually takes the form of a young girl. She has a ravenous appetite and is always hungry. If she ever misses a meal, she goes berserk and will try to eat anything she can get her hands on. She’s an ultimate good-for-nothing.


Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono

A human-like reptile who works for Leissach Mining Industries. Due to his timid and overly serious personality, he is a stereotypical corporate slave that is always being pushed around. He tends to get dragged into Kinji’s schemes, but despite that, they’re pretty good friends. Being from the countryside, he knows a lot about wildflowers.


Voice Actor:

A female employee at Leissach Mining Industries. She is called “The Hero’s Return” because of the great feats she has accomplished, but she is the ultimate corporate slave. Though she’s modest and polite, she’s way too loyal and imposes her stifling spirit of dedication to the company on others. Her motto is “Work until you die and keep working after that.”


Voice Actor:

A mage who treats Kinji as a savior. He is cheerful and loveable, but is also a tough person who is aware of his own cuteness. He’s a crossdressing boy who bewitches men far and wide with his appearance and free spirited behavior.


Voice Actor: Satomi Satou

A female executive officer at Leissach Mining Industries who puts the company’s profits first. She exploits the workers by feeding them lines such as “you are doing rewarding work” and “the company has a high customer satisfaction rate thanks to you.” She is the embodiment of Leissach Mining Industries and views Kinji’s defiant attitude as a problem.

Goblin Boss

Voice Actor: Wataru Takagi

The foreman of the mining section Kinji and Wanibe belong to. He harasses his workers, is always getting on their case about meeting quotas, and is quick to preach his ideals. He kisses up and kicks down. The only time he is ever in a good mood is when the quota is met.

"Meikyuu Black Company" (Manga)
Meikyuu-Black-Company-KV New Isekai Working Anime "Meikyuu Black Company" Begins Summer 2021!!

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Youhei Yasumura
  • Director: Miku Minato
  • Series Composition: Deko Akao
  • Character Design: Yuki Sawairi
  • Sound Director: Norisuke Koizumi
  • Music: TAKU INOUE

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