Meikyuu Black Company (The Dungeon of Black Company) - A String of Hilarious Mishaps

Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation, fun, and recreation, yet Meikyuu Black Company’s (The Dungeon of Black Company) theme is anything but that. The plot revolves around Kinji Ninomiya, a man who dreams of a rich NEET life. The moment he is literally about to bask in his hard-earned wealth, he gets sent into a fantasy world. That’s where his life is turned 180 degrees. Starting from nothing, he has to work in order to survive and start his journey to richness. Just like before, he aims to live that luxurious life no matter the cost!

Morals? What Morals?

Ninomiya easily gains our sympathy at first. After working his ass off, it ends even before he can take a bite off the fruit of his labor. That doesn’t end there. It only gets worse as he gets worked to the bone mining minerals in order to survive in this new world. That sympathy, however, ends the moment he shows his true colors. To put it simply, Ninomiya doesn’t mind using anybody and everybody in order to achieve his goals. Be it working his co-workers nearly to death by using a mind-control spell or using his best bud as bait, Ninomiya won’t even bat an eye as long as he gets what he wants.

Confusing Start

The series starts off great. We have a good song, decent art, a simple plot, and easy-to-understand narration. Throughout the first episode, things went smoothly, but it starts to get confusing when episode 2 starts. The episode starts with Ninomiya working his ass off like a slave. It’s so familiar that we had to double-check if we’re watching the correct episode. The third episode isn’t that different, either. It only starts making sense midway. This is probably due to the fact that the series is still introducing the important characters and setting the tone of the series, but we do hope they thread the story faster to avoid these confusions.

Entertainingly Weird Ploys

Given that the story now revolves around Ninomiya striving to re-earn his former status, he comes up with one weird ploy after another. The thing with Ninomiya is that even though he looks like a normal sod, he was once the president of his own company. That being said, he has a knack for formulating weird plans even at the expense of others. These plans may not be mind-blowing or ground-breaking, but they’re highly entertaining to watch. From starting a union to fighting mind control with hallucinogenic plants, his antics are something to behold.

Final Thoughts

It may be adding another isekai title on the already long list of isekai anime this season has to offer, but The Dungeon of Black Company promises something quite unique. The swords and magic only add more threat to the main character rather than tools to make him look cool. The only good thing about him is his cunning—though not necessarily good—mind, which he liberally uses to make others follow his whims. Despite a few confusing bits, this series is something we will happily watch unfold.

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