Memorable Moments in Anime: Goku Defeats Majin Buu

What You Need to Know:

  • If we had to create a list of memorable moments in anime this one would definitely be in the upper echelon, because it's of the best battles in the Dragon Ball Z era. Known as the 'Majin Buu Conflict', the entire saga focuses around the incredible battle between Majin Buu and Goku, as the world trembled in fear of what could happen if Buu were to win. Countless battles ensued, with Majin Buu taking on its multiple forms and disessembling the entire crew of Z-Fighters one by one. It seemed unstoppable as it managed to take out the likes of even Shin and Dabura, along with the ability to regenerate after being destroyed.
  • Vegeta, one of the strongest Z-Fighters out there, takes on the form of Majin Vegeta with hopes to take it down with a massive explosion, but all was in vain as Vegeta loses his own life while Majin Buu returns with even more vengence. The battle ensues for many episodes with every Z-Fighter doing their very best to put a stop to the madness, and eventually Goku has had enough with Kid Buu.
  • After seeing all of his comrades fall to the hands of this diabolical creature, Goku, with all of his might asks the world to send him all of their energy to create the Super Spirit Bomb. Goku launches his final assault on Kid Buu and the Super Spirit Bomb hits the mark, destroying Kid Buu entirely, leaving no traces behind. Goku then uses the Dragon Balls collected to wish for the people of Earth to forget about Majin Buu, and that Good Buu can exist to bring peace to those around it. Life is back on track and now Gohan marries Videl to have a daughter nameds Pan, and Uub shows up as the reincarnation of Kid Buu. All is well in the Dragon Ball world once again.
  • Phew, that was a lot, even for a very quick recap. There's A LOT to cover in just that saga alone but this is exactly why the Majin Buu saga is still to us, one of the best. Cell games is still #1 in our hearts but Majin Buu saga, you did good.
  • Dragon-Ball-Z-dvd-1 Memorable Moments in Anime: Goku Defeats Majin Buu

    Dragon-Ball-Z-dvd-1 Memorable Moments in Anime: Goku Defeats Majin Buu
    Definitely a wild saga for sure. A little abrupt towards the end with Uub and everything, but still good!
    Dragon-Ball-Z-dvd-1 Memorable Moments in Anime: Goku Defeats Majin Buu
    I wish more had happened but yeah, still a good saga.