Metamorphose no Engawa: BL Brings Us Fujoshi Together, No Matter Your Age

If opposites attract when it comes to love, it might as well happens when we’re talking about friendship. The power of yaoi can bring people together even if they’re from different backgrounds and generations.

If you don’t think that’s possible, then take a look at Metamorphose no Engawa, a sweet manga about the unusual friendship between a young girl and an old lady.

A chance encounter

At the beginning of this manga, we’re introduced to Yuki, a 75-year-old widow who teaches calligraphy. On her way home, she decides to stop at a bookshop to buy a cooking book, but she ends up browsing through the manga section. Urara, a highschool student, is working at the register and happens to notice that Yuki is buying… A BL manga?! Surprised, she asks the old lady if she wants a cover for that because come on! going around town carrying a book with two teenagers who’re all lovey-dovey is just a no-no in this society. Of course, Yuki sees no problem with that at all, and she walks out of the shop, happily carrying her new purchase.

But soon Yuki discovers that the world of Yaoi manga can be ruthless, and volumes take a lot of time to be published. That’s when she turns to her new friend, Urara, for some recommendations. The young girl is more than happy to help but finds it hard to decide which stories to pick for Yuki. As we all know, some stories can be a little bit too… Intense. Determined to find the perfect book for her friend, Urara searches through her collection and picks some volumes that, she thinks, will make Yuki happy.

That feeling we all get when reading BL

Why is it that we read BL? The reasons may vary: some could say it’s because of the art, others can be drawn by the cover, some could say it’s the plot, and others could argue it’s because of the “plot.” If you know what we mean. For Yuki, it all started with the cover of “I Want to Only Look at You”, the BL manga that she finds in the bookshop. The moment Yuki saw the art, she was hooked, and she didn’t even care to read what the story was about, the old lady just bought it. When she got home and read it, Yuki was surprised, but in a very pleasant way and she experienced the urge to know what happens next. We can definitely know how she was feeling after she finished reading that first volume.

Of course, Urara is curious to know what Yuki thinks of one of her favorite mangas, but she’s just to shy to ask, so when the old lady asks her to go for some tea, Urara gladly takes the chance to become friends with her. After discovering that she’ll have to wait more than a year to read the next volume, Yuki feels very depressed: she just wants to know what happens between Sakura and Yuuma, support their love and have a happy ending! We get you Yuki, we’ve all been there.

Lots of stories, not a lot of time

Yuki is, after all, an old lady, and even though we don’t really want to think about it, she doesn’t have that much time left to read “I Want to Only Look at You”. Especially since volumes are being released after one year and a half. It is heartbreaking to see this adorable lady think about how much time she has left to live and how many volumes she’ll be able to read in that time. Fortunately, she met Urara at just the right time, and we couldn’t be happier. With her new fujoshi friend, Yuki can be sure that she’ll be getting a lot of good BL manga recommendations and that she’ll enjoy all of the stories.

The relationship that these two have is something like a grandmother-granddaughter relationship. Even though Urara is shy, she always wanted to have a friend to talk about manga and other things they might have in common, and she finds it very easy to do that with Yuki. We also get some glimpses of the story between Sakura and Yuuma, the characters from the manga Yuki is reading, and we’d be lying if we say that we’re not dying to know what happens between them.

Final Thoughts

BL manga can bring people together, the key is to be open to that possibility. Never be ashamed of the things that make you happy, maybe you’ll find a friend to talk about yaoi just like Urara found Yuki. Of course, we hope Yuki lives a long and healthy life full of yaoi manga. She can even give anime a try, we have some recommendations for her!

Metamorphose-no-Engawa-manga-352x500 Metamorphose no Engawa: BL Brings Us Fujoshi Together, No Matter Your Age

Author: Yaz L.

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