Comedy, Horror, Supernatural

Airing Date:
October 3, 2021


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What would you do if you started seeing things you weren’t supposed to see? Things you weren’t meant to see.

What would you do if these things started talking to you? Started coming towards you.

Would you turn tail and run? Dabble in some witchcraft? Seek out a medium? Fight?

High schooler Miko Yotsuya decides to simply ignore them. Out of sight, out of mind! This is the story of a high school girl who uses her nerves of steel and ability to act indifferent to avoid the grotesque and crazy monsters that loom over her.

Maybe these creatures are right next to you too, and you’re just unable to see them...

Characters & Voice Actors

Mieruko-chan-KV Mieruko-Chan
Miko Yotsuya: Sora Amamiya

An ordinary high school girl who one day suddenly starts seeing grotesque monsters. As one would normally expect, monsters are just plain scary. Every day is a struggle for her, hoping that when she notices them, they will just disappear.
Mieruko-chan-KV Mieruko-Chan
Hana Yurigawa: Kaede Hondo

Miko’s classmate and best friend. She has a cheerful and innocent personality. She likes to eat a lot and has filled out nicely (especially in the chest area). Her goofy behavior often ends up dragging Miko into various situations. It seems like she has a special tendency to attract a lot of monsters.
Mieruko-chan-KV Mieruko-Chan
Yuria Niguregawa: Ayane Sakura

Miko and Hana’s classmate. She’s always alone, but not because her friends ostracize her or she’s bullied. She often glances at Miko and Hana, but not because she’s jealous of them (that’s what she tells herself). She aspires to be a powerful medium who everyone will gaze at with envy.
Mieruko-chan-KV Mieruko-Chan
Zen Tono: Yuichi Nakamura

An amiable, gentle-mannered young man. By chance, he appears in front of Miko and her friends. However, there is a strange monster behind him...
Mieruko-chan-KV Mieruko-Chan
God Mother: Ikuko Tani

A woman known as the Godmother of the Downtown Area. She’s probably a real psychic, but she’s not above extorting money from gullible suckers. Yuria greatly admires her.
Mieruko-chan-KV Mieruko-Chan
Kyosuke Yotsuya: Miyuri Hanamori

Miko’s younger brother. He enjoys watching scary TV shows. Although brusque and cheeky, he’s actually quite fond of his sister. In fact, he really likes her. Apparently, they took baths together until quite recently.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Mienai kara ne!?" by Miko Yotsuya (CV: Sora Amamiya)
  • Ending Song: "Mitana? Mitayone? Miteruyone?" by Miko Yotsuya (CV: Sora Amamiya)
"Mieruko-chan" (Manga)
Mieruko-chan-KV Mieruko-Chan

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tomoki Izumi
  • Director: Yuki Ogawa
  • Script: Kenta Inohara
  • Series Composition: Kenta Inohara
  • Character Design: Chikashi Kadekaru
  • Animation Director: Chikashi Kadekaru
  • Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
  • Music: Utana Utatane

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