Mighty No. 9 - Anime Season TBA

Mighty No. 9

Action, Comedy

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Digital Frontier

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Half human, half robot, all Mighty.

In the year 2099, humans have become dependent on robots not just for manual labor but also entertainment. The most powerful robots in the world fight in front of humans in a popular league called the Battle Colosseum.

BECK is a small combat robot made to fight in the Battle Coliseum as a part of the MIGHTY NUMBERS, the strongest robots in the world. But since Beck is the only robot in the world with a human heart, he's also the only robot that gets scared in combat. The good news is that he also possesses the ability to turn into any other robot. The bad news is that since his emotions are wired to his abilities, he often finds himself malfunctioning in battle.

One day a notorious engineer named DR. BLACKWELL releases a virus that infects every robot in the world...everyone except Beck. Dr. Blackwell remotely controls the infected Mighty Numbers to lead a rebellion to destroy mankind. Beck suddenly becomes the only robot available to stop the Mighty Numbers.

As Beck tries to save the world, he will be joined by CALL, his overly serious robotic sidekick; DR. WHITE, the young but socially inept creator of the Mighty Numbers; and DR. SANDA, the lazy but wise team leader. With each of their help, Beck will learn how to deal with his emotions and become the hero they need him to be.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: TBA

The protagonist. A robot developed by Dr. White possessing a 'heart' and the ability to grow. That 'heart' which lets him make his own decisions prevented him from going berserk when the mysterious computer virus was unleashed.
He is equipped with the ability to absorb the Xel of other robots, learn their programs and grow through the process.


Voice Actor: TBA

A support robot developed by Dr. Sanda. Usually functions as Dr. Sanda's secretary, but she acts as Beck's support in this incident. During the rampage incident she was shutdown for maintenance purposes, preventing her from being affected

Dr. William White

Voice Actor: TBA

Dr. White is a researcher at SANDA Technology and the creator of the Mighty Numbers.

Soichirou Sanda

Voice Actor: TBA

He is known as Dr. Sanda. He is the chief of SANDA Technology and the creator of Call. He is best friends with Dr. White since they were students and he is the twin brother of Seijiro Sanda.

Gregory Graham

Voice Actor: TBA

He is the current President of Cherry Dynamics.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Comcept, Keiji Inafune

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