Mighty Switch Force! Collection - Review

One Mighty Collection Has Arrived on the Scene

Game Info:

  • System: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Publisher: WayForward
  • Developer: WayForward
  • Release Date: July 25, 2019

Who it Caters to

MS-1-560x315 Mighty Switch Force! Collection - Review
Several years ago, developer WayForward—known for games like Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse and Ducktales: Remastered—released a very intriguing puzzle/action game. Known as Mighty Switch Force!, this Mega-Man-like title had players taking the role of a female police officer rescuing the folks of Planet Land from baddies who wished for no good. Releasing with some high accolades, it was inevitable that we’d get not only a sequel, a remaster and a co-op themed title but an eventual collection of all these awesome titles in one package. Mighty Switch Force! Collection is that package with all 4 games for the low price of $19.99! Does this law protecting collection hold up in the current gaming era? We find out as we review Mighty Switch Force! Collection down below! Keep reading to find out what we thought of this truly mighty gathering of games.

What to Expect

MS-1-560x315 Mighty Switch Force! Collection - Review
As stated above, Mighty Switch Force! Collection is 4 titles in one. Containing the first two games, the original remastered and Mighty Switch Force! Academy, this package deal is perfect for those who haven’t gotten to play all of the titles before or just want them all in a singular title. The first Mighty Switch Force! and its sequel Mighty Switch Force 2! have players take the role of Patricia Wagon as she takes on the role of a police officer and a firefighter in the sequel. Your job is to traverse dangerous environments plagued with dangers from enemy robots, hooligans and strange blocks that attempt to halt your progress. Using your blaster, you will deal justice to those who don’t abide by the law and to solve the various puzzles your trusty Siren Helmet will alter the world and help you progress. Similar to Mega-Man, you’ll need to run and gun to survivor and help bring the world of Planet Land back in order! The final game—Mighty Switch Force! Academy—will have you and some friends taking the role of trainees who will be pushed to the limits as they work together and against one another! 4 mighty games await you, now which one will you play first?


MS-1-560x315 Mighty Switch Force! Collection - Review
Mighty Switch Force! Collection follows our young cybernetically enhanced peacekeeper Patricia Wagon as she saves Planet Land. The first title has the Hooligan Sisters escaping from transit to prison and officer Wagon aims to bring them back! In the sequel, Wagon has taken a new job as a firefighter who needs to stop a strange series of fires that threaten the world! The last entry has trainee officers booting up and getting ready to learn what it means to be an officer of the law! Patricia Wagon has a tough job but she’s the officer best suited to save the planet from some serious trouble!


MS-1-560x315 Mighty Switch Force! Collection - Review
Now, in case you somehow slept on the Mighty Switch Force! series—which you probably aren’t alone—we here at Honey’s Anime will tell you what to expect from each game in the Mighty Switch Force! Collection. The first title—and remaster—dubbed Mighty Switch Force! plays like Mega-Man games of old. Players control Patricia Wagon armed with a blaster and reality altering helmet. The main point of the original and remaster is to find hooligan sisters scattered around the map all while solving puzzles that involve blocks that must be switched using the helmet. Switching between the blocks can give players platforms to use but equally can kill you if you switch the platforms while touching them or on them. Aside from that you’ll blast various baddies and survive from level to level. At the end, you’ll face a big bad boss and need to use your skills learned to win and see those glorious ending credits! Mighty Switch Force! and its remaster are fun and simple titles that will never make you rage but equally give you a challenge.

The sequel—Mighty Switch Force! 2—is where things get a bit different but with the keywords “bit different”. Again, you’re controlling Patricia, but now, you’re armed with a water gun and must douse out flames to save civilians scattered across the stages. The same gameplay theme of altering blocks and surviving against baddies is relevant in Mighty Switch Force! 2 which might make playing both games back to back a bit repetitive but we still love the action in the sequel. The real change in gameplay comes not from the sequel though. The last title—the fourth game by definition—is where Mighty Switch Force! Collection gives players co-op and a bit of variety for this package.

Mighty Switch Force! Academy gives players the chance to become new recruits and fight off baddies in a controlled series of challenges. While the entire title can be played solo, the true fun comes in playing with up to 4 friends in a co-op/multiplayer experience. Think of Mega-Man meets Super Mario Bros. You have a zoomed-out perspective and you’re trying to beat baddies, get points and survive various challenges that appear in each level. While we still prefer the original two games, Mighty Switch Force! Academy offers a good time for those who want to get some couch co-op in or even go online.

Now visually, each of the four games within Mighty Switch Force! Collection haven’t changed much. The original Mighty Switch Force! looks dated but the remastered Hyper Edition gives the title a new age look that is much appreciated. We do wonder if the original Mighty Switch Force! was needed when this package contains Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition but we can assume this is to give players—both fans and newcomers—a complete set. Just a word of warning to fans, play these games apart from one another as playing all of them back to back will show the weakness of Mighty Switch Force! Collection…repetition. Even back when the originals released, Mighty Switch Force! and its sequel suffered from feeling like pallet swaps. That doesn’t make any of the games feel weaker as a whole but equally can give Mighty Switch Force! Collection a boring feel when you go from one title to another too quickly.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

MS-1-560x315 Mighty Switch Force! Collection - Review
The Mighty Switch Force! Collection is a bundle you’d be silly to ignore. While technically Mighty Switch Force! Collection is only three games—since one of them is a remaster of the original—you still can’t deny that you’re getting three awesome side scrollers for an amazing price tag. Each game still suffers from some repetitive gameplay and we do wish that we had a proper new entry in the series—aside from Mighty Switch Force! Academy—but there’s little else negative to say about this huge collection of titles. Mighty Switch Force! Collection is great for those who have played the original 4 games and especially for those who somehow missed these awesome titles by WayForward games.

Honey's Pros:

  • 4 Games (technically 3) in a low budget price tag
  • Easy to switch between all of the games
  • Still a lot of fun with some challenging but fun levels/puzzles

Honey's Cons:

  • Most of Mighty Switch Force! Collection can become repetitive as most titles don’t differ from one another

Honey's Final Verdict:

MS-1-560x315 Mighty Switch Force! Collection - Review
Mighty Switch Force! Collection might be games that released a while back but these are exciting games that blend action and puzzle gameplay pretty darn well. While we personally think the remastered Mighty Switch Force! should have been the only original game within this collection—why even have the very first version and the remaster together—it still makes for a complete experience which many fans will appreciate. Are you going to pick up Mighty Switch Force! Collection for the Xbox One or another console it released on? Comment below to let us know! For more game reviews and articles, be sure to keep coming back to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime!

MS-1-560x315 Mighty Switch Force! Collection - Review


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