Miitopia Is the Perfect RPG for Kids and Casuals

miitopia_splash Miitopia Is the Perfect RPG for Kids and Casuals

The Nintendo Switch is full of JRPG titles. Some of them are remakes of classic games with upgraded graphics, and others are flashy adventures with complex plots and epic enemies. The thing is, role-playing games could be too difficult for a younger audience, and most casual players don't even care about min-maxing, grinding for experience, or gathering infinite resources to craft a character's perfect armor or weapon. Luckily for all of us, the Nintendo Switch just received a new version of Miitopia, a family-friendly RPG that's perfect for kids and casual players.

Time to assemble a Mii team and put an end to the Dark Lord's evil plans!

Beating the Dark Lord and Its Minions

miitopia_splash Miitopia Is the Perfect RPG for Kids and Casuals

Miitopia comes with a simple, generic plot. The Dark Lord is attacking Miitopia as he wants to steal everyone's faces, so you and a group of characters embark on a grand adventure to defeat the Dark Lord and its minions. That's it. There are no plot twists, no tier-jerker scenes, no suspicious characters in your party, no symbolism-packed buildings, no philosophical questions to be asked. Sure, the Dark Lord's plans sound menacing, but they just fit the overtly comedic tone of Miitopia.

This is not an open-world RPG, so you always know where to go. That being said, it's not like you HAVE to go there as soon as possible; instead, you can just chill with your party members, play minigames, or just explore other options before moving on to the next fight. In fact, you don't even need an intricate strategy to win a battle since, most of the time, your party will take care of things and you just need to attack and make sure everyone stays alive. The combat mechanics are fairly easy, showing that Miitopia is more about enjoying the adventure and having a laugh than it is about feeling ominous and obliterating huge bosses that transform into an even more powerful creature every time you deplete their health bar. To make things even more manageable, the Switch version of Miitopia adds a horse to your party. It's not just a cute horse; it also hits hard!

An RPG With Lots of Customization Options

In this game, you decide who joins your party and how cool or uncool they look. Not only can you customize your own Mii character, but you can also change your allies' appearance, name, job, etc. This is fantastic for creating themed Mii parties, like having your real-life friends join you, playing as famous people, creating parody characters, etc. Of course, you can just skip this and never care about modifying the characters, but spending time in the Mii creator is another way of having fun with Miitopia. The Switch's version of Miitopia comes with a robust character creation tool, so why not take advantage of it?

Although there are dozens of outfits and weapons, you don't need to wear something you don't like just because of its stats. Once you equip something and your stats improve, you can choose to keep the looks of your new item or not. All in all, Miitopia gives you total freedom when it comes to the characters, and that's a fun, original way to add replay value to an RPG.

Chilling With Your Mii Friends Makes You Stronger

miitopia_splash Miitopia Is the Perfect RPG for Kids and Casuals

If you feel like Miitopia is too simplistic... well, that's probably true, but once you start playing it, you will forget everything you know about RPGs and just enjoy the ride. However, there's a mechanic that "hardcore" players will like: friendship. Everything you and your team members do will impact your relationship, and stronger friendships will give you an advantage when fighting. A friend could somehow get an extra turn to heal or revive you in battle or unlock powerful combined attacks. While in the original version of Miitopia visiting the inn was your only option, now you can go to the library, watch a movie at the cinema, enjoy outdoor activities at the beach, etc. Outings are another perfect example of Miitopia's comedic nature, but they are way more than just that. Spending time with your party members will unlock new abilities!

Final Thoughts

Miitopia is not a new game, just a remastered version of a somehow ignored 3DS release. However, this Switch port feels fresh and we really enjoyed our time with it. For what it's worth, Miitopia is a laid-back adventure that could serve as the entry point to the world of role-playing games. We're sure Miitopia will be the first RPG of many kids who will fall in love with the genre and then jump into more complex titles. But hey, this is more than a children's game!

miitopia_splash Miitopia Is the Perfect RPG for Kids and Casuals


Author: Rod Locksley

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