Toji no Miko Spin-off, Mini Toji Gets New PV Showcasing Characters!

Crunchyroll-Katana-Maidens-_-Mini-Toji-300x450 Toji no Miko Spin-off, Mini Toji Gets New PV Showcasing Characters!

Crunchyroll-Katana-Maidens-_-Mini-Toji-300x450 Toji no Miko Spin-off, Mini Toji Gets New PV Showcasing Characters!

Slice of Life, Comedy, Action, Supernatural

Airing Date:
January 6 2019

Other Seasons:

project no.9

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These girls have to fight and choose not to fight each day?

The characters from the anime ‘Toji no Miko’ have all been shrunk down and have gathered!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kanami Etou

Voice Actor: Kaede Hondo

Kanami is a second-year student in the middle school division of Minoseki Academy and is 13 years old. Her sword is Chidori. She has a talent for the sword, and even though she is only a middle school student, she has the skills to be the representative of her school. Bright and forward-thinking, she has many friends. Kanami is a bit of a sword technique nut and as such, when she starts talking about it, her eyes start to change colors. Asleep or awake, she is only thinking about training. Even in her dreams, she is training. She especially loves matches and looks forward greatly to seeing her opponent’s excellent skills and schemes.

Hiyori Juujou

Voice Actor: Saori Oonishi

Hiyori is a 14-year-old, third-year student in the middle school division of Hiragi Gakukan. Her sword is Kogarasumaru. Serious and cool, she is rather stoic. More than anyone else, her sense of responsibility as a Toji is strong, and she has a strong will to the point that once she makes a decision, she will not change her mind. Hiyori will not forgiver herself or others for compromising, and therefore she tends to be misunderstood often. The speed at which she is able to brandish her sword has made her one of the preeminent Toji.

Mai Yanase

Voice Actor: Azumi Waki

Mai is a 13-year-old second-year middle school student at Minoseki Academy. Her sword is Magoroku Kanemoto. Mai is the daughter of the representative for the rising enterprise Yanase Group. She has two younger sisters. She looks after others well as an older sister and thinks of her friends often. She is ranked as the strongest Toji in her academy and is a hard worker. Her hobby is making sweets. She is confident in her cookies.

Sayaka Itomi

Voice Actor: Hina Kino

Sayaka is a 12-year-old first-year middle school student within Kamabu Girls Academy. Her sword is Myouhou Muramasa. Even though she is young, she is a genius Toji who has the fastest sword-brandishing speed. She masters any duty she is given, but she has a hard time communicating with those around her.

Kaoru Mashiko

Voice Actor: Risae Matsuda

Kaoru is a 15-year-old first-year student at Osafune Senior High Academy for Girls. Her sword is Nenekirimaru. Finding most things meddlesome, she does not speak much and takes on a rather sluggish approach to everything to conserve energy. She uses “ore” to refer to herself. She is a powerful fighter who, even though she is small in stature, swings around her greatsword with ease. She brings with her, her guardian beast Nene, a wild spirit. She appears to be annoyed by Ellen, but she actually really trusts her a lot.

Ellen Kohakura

Voice Actor: Eri Suzuki

Ellen is a 15-year-old first-year student at Osafune Senior High Academy for Girls. Her sword is Echizen Yasutsugu. Ellen has a Japanese father and an American mother. She sets the mood for those around her by making them smile and has a naive personality. Kaoru is her good partner. When meeting people for the first time, rather than pretend to be shy, she quickly assigns nicknames to people.

Maki Shidou

Voice Actor: Yumi Uchiyama

Maki is the head of the Origami family elite guards. In both the previous Toji tournament and the one before that Toji tournaments, she placed first and the continued to place first in various championships thus resulting in her joining the elite guards. Firm in her convictions and strong, Maki’s blade is heavy and efficient with each blow. Her main duty is the protection of Murasaki Origami and tactical orders for subjugating wild spirits. Maki very rarely goes out herself, but when she does, once she unsheathes her sword, all wild spirits are subjugated. Maki is very popular among both men and women.

Suzuka Korehana

Voice Actor: M.A.O

Suzuka is the second-in-command of the Origami family elite guards.The daughter of the famous Korehana family from Kyoto, she has a certain elegance about herself. In the Toji tournaments, she has consistently come in second place meaning that she is very powerful, but both times she has lost to Maki meaning that she views her as somewhat of a rival. Having very powerful insight and the ability to command well, Suzuka is frequently relied on to dish out direct orders and tactics. She also has some sort of political role within the Murasaki family.

Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: Kono Bangumi wa Ura Wakaki Koumuin-tachi no Teikyou de Okuriitashimasu by Kanami Etou and Mihono Asakura (Kaede Hondo and Himika Akaneya)

Main Staff
  • Director: Yuu Nobuta
  • Series Composition: Osamu Murata
  • Character Design: Hiromi Ogata
  • Animation Director: Hiromi Ogata

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