Late Spring Ecchi Anime Miru Tights–an Anime About Tights–Announces Three Different Ending Songs!

Miru Tights

Ecchi, Slice of Life

Airing Date:
May 11 2019

Yokohama Animation Lab

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April. Rainy morning. Pelted by new rain, falling sakura petals collect in puddles of water and float. Multicolored umbrellas from students pass through the entrance gates of a high school.

‘Morning, Ren.’

Yua, with her soaked tights, speaks to Ren at the lockers in the front of the school. Ren turns towards her looking depressed while Homi, soaked to the bone, comes over and the conversation becomes lively. The silly conversations of these three girls announces the arrival of a new semester to their classroom.

While their thoughtless conversation passes, the seasons begin to change.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Ren Aikawa

Voice Actor: Haruka Tomatsu

Ren is a regular girl who has just entered into her second year of high school. She feigns being cool, but she’s actually quite the shy individual. Still, when she is asked to do something, she is the type who is unable to refuse. She works part-time at a nearby café after school. She is 162cm tall and 60 Denier tights are her favorite.

Yua Nakabeni

Voice Actor: Youko Hikasa

Yua is an honors student who is great at both sports and her studies. She doesn’t speak often, but she does have excellent communication skills and sometimes talks with Ren. Her hobby is taking selfies in various outfits before uploading them to her social media accounts. Yua is 168cm tall and 30 Denier tights are her favorite.

Homi Moegi

Voice Actor: Aya Suzaki

Homi is a well-to-do young lady with a bright, cheerful personality. She goes have her naïve spots, but she can shock those around her sometimes. She arrives to school in a car driven by her own driver and has a brother in middle school. Homi is member of the swimming club, is 158cm tall, and 110 Denier tights are her favorite type of tights.

Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: True Days by Ren (Haruka Tomatsu)
    True Days by Yua (Youko Hikasa)
    True Days by Homi (Aya Suzaki)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yomu
  • Director: Yuki Ogawa
  • Script: Fumiaki Maruto
  • Series Composition: Fumiaki Maruto
  • Character Design: Yukari Hinano
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Music: Shade

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