MIYAVI Chosen to Sing Opening Theme Song for Tribe Nine Anime!

MIYAVI-Artist-photo-560x737 MIYAVI Chosen to Sing Opening Theme Song for Tribe Nine Anime!

His New Song “Strike It Out” Will Be Pre-released on Streaming Platforms & the CD Goes on Sale March 23!

What You Need to Know:

  • Called the “Samurai Guitarist” by many, MIYAVI has been performing both domestically and internationally. In September of 2021, he released his new album, Imaginary, and has just finished up a successful North America tour, where he performed shows in 19 different cities, as well as a Japan tour in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.
  • His highly anticipated new single “Strike It Out” is slated to go on sale on March 23, 2022. The title song “Strike It Out” is the opening theme song for the currently airing anime Tribe Nine. Although the CD has yet to hit stores, the title song was digitally released on streaming platforms at midnight on January 11.
  • Tribe Nine is the first joint project between Too Kyo Games, a group of creators led by Kazutaka Kodaka, who worked on the Danganronpa series, and Akatsuki. The Tribe Nine anime began airing on January 10, 2022 on TOKYO MX. It is also being broadcast on several other Japanese stations and is available for streaming on the Docomo Anime Store and other digital streaming services.

    The CD release for MIYAVI’s new single “Strike It Out,” the opening theme song of the anime Tribe Nine, has been confirmed!

    Release date: March 23, 2022
    Price: ¥1,430 (tax included) / ¥1,300 (excluding tax)
    Product No.: LAPS-4009


    01. “Strike It Out” (opening theme song of Tribe Nine anime)

    Lyrics: MIYAVI
    Composition: Jeff Miyahara
    Arrangement: Jeff Miyahara, MIYAVI, Lenny Skolnik

    *Includes 3 bonus tracks including an instrumental version
    *Only the title song “Strike It Out” has been pre-released on streaming platforms

    MIYAVI’s Profile

    MIYAVI has gained worldwide attention as a guitarist for his unconventional “slap guitar” style, in which he plays the electric guitar with his fingers instead of a pick. He’s performed more than 350 live shows in 30 some countries, and has 8 successful world tours under his belt. Other accomplishments include arranging the Japanese version of the theme song for the blockbuster film Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, producing music for a Honda commercial, creating music for SMAP, and working with other various artists. He’s received high praise from artists and creators in Japan and abroad.

    MIYAVI released his album Holy Nights in April 2020. Additionally, he launched a new project entitled “MIYAVI Virtual Live,” where he performed virtual live shows for his fans during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. This allowed him to express himself through the new medium of live streaming. In September 2021, he released his new album Imaginary, which was highly anticipated by fans all over the world, and completed a successful North America tour where he performed in 19 cities across the continent. In December of the same year, he went on a Japan tour and performed in major cities across the country.

    The artist also made a Hollywood debut in the movie Unbroken and was featured in Gucci’s global collection ad “Gucci Off the Grid.” MIYAVI continues to expand his modeling and acting work and has no intention of taking a break from any of his activities. He’s one of the most promising Japanese artists today.

    MIYAVI Official Site: http://myv382tokyo.com
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miyavi_ishihara/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MIYAVI_OFFICIAL
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MIYAVI.OFFlCIAL
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MIYAVIOfficial

Source: Official Press Release

MIYAVI-Artist-photo-560x737 MIYAVI Chosen to Sing Opening Theme Song for Tribe Nine Anime!
I like MIYAVI's music!
MIYAVI-Artist-photo-560x737 MIYAVI Chosen to Sing Opening Theme Song for Tribe Nine Anime!
I like MIYAVI!