Mo Dao Zu Shi 3rd Season

Mo Dao Zu Shi 3rd Season

Action, BL/Shounen-Ai, Demon, Historical, Supernatural

Airing Date:
Winter 2021

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The Qishan Wen clan is the strongest clan in power, and is treating the people in the most tyrannical way. To put a stop to this, the other four big clans - the Gusu Lan clan, the Yunmeng Jiang clan, the Lanling Jin clan and the Qinghe Nie clan - come together to take back the power and overthrow Wen, in what becomes known as the “Sunshot Campaign.”
The Yiling Patriarch, Wuxian Wei, fought very well in this battle, but because of his power and mastery of the demonic path, he ended up being feared by the people. They would criticize his existence and would eventually come to demand his death.

Now, thirteen years later...
Due to a ritual Wuxian Wen is resurrected on Earth where he meets yet again with his old friend Wangji Lan, from the Gusu Lan clan, and his own brother, Cheng Jiang, from the Yunmeng Jiang clan.
But, of course the people have not forgotten about the past and before long, they start to be suspicious of him...

Everything started back when Wuxian was a young boy...

Characters & Voice Actors

Mo-Dao-Zu-Shi-Japanese-Visual Mo Dao Zu Shi 3rd Season
Wuxian Wei : Ryohei Kimura

Wuxian is a very energetic and lively person. He can be very simplistic and carefree, but he’s a born natural. With his flute he can control corpses like puppets, and he’s the creator of the “Demonic Path”. He was executed 13 years ago, but because of a ritual he was brought back to life. He’s sometimes also called “Ying Wei.”
Mo-Dao-Zu-Shi-Japanese-Visual Mo Dao Zu Shi 3rd Season
Wangji Lan: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Wangji is the second young master of the Gusu Lan clan. He’s very intelligent and has a very strong sense of morals. He’s extremely obedient and a little bit of a clean freak. He used to clash with Wuxian a lot. He excels at the guqin - the secret art of the Lan clan. He’s sometimes also called “Zhan Lan.”
Jiang Cheng: Hikaru Midorikawa

Jin Zixuan: Kenji Akabane, Saori Hayami
Xichen Lan: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Jin Ling: Yuki Kaji, Shinba Tsuchiya, Soma Saitou

Nie Huaisang: Natsuki Hanae

Wen Ning: Nobunaga Shimazaki, Ayako Kawasumi

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Senya Souka" by CIVILIAN
  • Ending Song: "Kiro" by Aimer
"Mo Dao Zu Shi" (Novel)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: 墨香銅臭
  • Director: 熊可
  • Script: 梁莎
  • Series Composition: 梁莎
  • Character Design: 申琳
  • Music: 孫玉鏡

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