Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review

Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review

Burn with passion! Then burn the enemy with your moe power!!

  • System: Nintendo Switch [E-shop Only]
  • Publisher: Idea Factory
  • Developer: Compile Heart
  • Release Date: April 24, 2019

Who it Caters to

Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review
Dungeon-crawling RPGs have existed in the gaming realm for quite some time, attracting a large fanbase and garnering attention from newcomers to the genre. What makes these kind of games so fun is that you never know what to expect, with every corner carrying some form of uncertainty and enemies just waiting for you to show up. Moero Chronicle Hyper is the latest in the dungeon-crawling experience, which offers up a lot of great features along with interactive gameplay, along with an array of wonderful characters that liven up the experience. Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the series or simply just showing Idea Factory some support by buying their title for the first time, Switch owners now have more variety to choose from with regards to RPGs.
Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review

What to Expect

Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review
Moero Chronicle Hyper for the Nintendo Switch comes with all of the nuts and bolts from the original PS Vita and Steam versions, but provides some extra flare to really entice players to relive the experience. One major standout is that the game is now in fully remastered HD, which helps to rejuvenate the game in its visual area. Other prominent features include a brand new vibration feature which now lets players feel more immersed during the very alluring ‘Bumping Scratch’ session, new items that help to boost your party stats even more, along with Autopilot mode which now lets players roam the dungeons automatically just by simply picking a coordination on the map. Fresh new dialogue has also been implemented to provide a more enriching story experience. So let’s tag along with the main hero Io, as he travels the unknown world in search for monster girls to help defeat the dangers that lie ahead!


Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review
Much of the story revolves around the young and incredibly shy Io, who just can’t seem to find the courage to converse with women. Whenever he attempts to make a move, his perverted mind kicks into gear and causes all sorts of trouble; however, that never seems to be the case when he speaks with his best friend Lilia. Problems start to arise for Io once he hears of immediate dangers that cross his path, and must now travel to Monstopia in order to put a stop to the pain and suffering the possessed Monster Girls have been inflicting on the town. He must now work alongside Lilia to uncover the mysteries that are unfolding and to put an end to the misery once and for all!


Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review
Coming directly from the PS Vita and Steam ports, we can honestly say that the remastered HD upgrade really does wonders for the game. It literally brings the game to life in a wonderful way, with character models and environment designs looking a lot more pristine, especially on the Switch. There are still some remnants of the PS Vita visuals creeping up on you in specific dungeons, but they’re not so recognizable if you haven’t played the original to really compare. The Bumping Scratch sessions look even better than ever, providing more polish and fluidity with the animations which give the characters a bit more life. Overall presentation for Moero Chronicle Hyper is clean and very attractive for the eyes, making the gameplay experience that much more satisfying.

Sound, Music

Moero Chronicle Hyper’s visuals really compliment the colorful sounds and music that you hear throughout the game, mainly due to its often lewd moments paired with comedic charm. The voicing of each character feels authentic and truly fitting to everyone you encounter, which makes listening to dialogue more enriching and less contrived. Every Monster Girl has their own unique personality that brings a smile to your face, and you can never get tired of Io’s fleeting emotions getting to him in the heat of the moment. It all comes together beautifully to create this free flowing relationship that Io builds with each Monster Girl, as he encounters them along his journey.


Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review
As with any dungeon-crawling RPG experience, the gameplay is pretty straightforward and doesn’t really require you to learn anything over-the-top to complicate things. For the most part, the new addition of the Autopilot mode makes traversing around large dungeons less strenuous since everything is guided for you just by picking a spot on the map. That of course may not appeal to every player since there are plenty who most likely want to experience the grind, and don’t mind doing a little backtracking here and there. Having the option available of course is the major takeaway here so hats off to Idea Factory for implementing that. Each battle you encounter will ultimately feel different since every Monster Girl has their own distinct characteristics that can affect the battle in some form or another. Some have abilities that wear down your stats and prevent you from using your charm buffs, while others can severely decrease your attack power making it tougher to win over time.

These challenges add a lot of flare to the game, and really encourage you to come up with new ways to recruit as many Monster Girls as possible. Learning to build relationships with each girl is important as well since it will help in terms of boosting their stats and abilities for battle. You can do this by participating in in-game special events as well as providing gifts to each Monster Girl, which in turn helps to develop a stronger bond over time.

Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review
Your party can consist of 5 Monster Girls, and making sure to take advantage of their traits is imperative to winning in battle. By combining all of their unique traits together it makes the grinds a lot less demanding and more rewarding, since mastering each trait will give you the upper hand against the tougher enemies. Onto the more lewd side of the game, we have the Bumping Scratch feature, where you’re thrown into sort of a mini-game where you’ll need to “purify” your Monster Girl by performing certain actions. These are all of course very entertaining and fun, which ultimately help to build a stronger bond with your Monster Girl, so we highly encourage the lewd factor here: touch, rub, poke, do whatever it takes to bring out that moe power!

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Moero Chronicle Hyper is a fun and interactive title with plenty of features to keep you heavily invested for a while. There’s definitely a lot to dive into and if you’re brand new to the series then there’s something new to discover. For those who have already played the original however this is where things may feel a bit repetitive, since much of the gameplay is the same and doesn’t really add anything substantial in terms of “brand new” features. Yes, the game does look and feel a lot better than its original counterparts and the Autopilot Mode does allow for an easier experience, but ultimately nothing significant has changed. This may rub off the wrong way for fans of the series who were looking for something entirely fresh however, so just a heads up.

Honey's Pros:

  • Plenty of gameplay to explore, and boss battles are very rewarding.
  • The visuals have been upgraded significantly, really bringing the game to life again on the Switch.
  • Voice acting is still superb and never gets stale.
  • The Autopilot mode really does help when you feel like you need a break from all the walking around.

Honey's Cons:

  • In the end, it’s still a port of the PS Vita and Steam versions, so it’s nothing entirely new in that regard.

Honey's Final Verdict:

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Moero-Chronicle-Hyper-1-560x315 Moero Chronicle Hyper - Nintendo Switch Review


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