Momichupa Oppabu Time - Let There Be Justice For Male Oppai!

Momichupai-Oppai-Time Momichupa Oppabu Time - Let There Be Justice For Male Oppai!

You’ve probably heard or read the word “oppai” a few times by now, but we bet you’ve never associated it with men. Momichupa Oppabu Time takes it upon itself to show that male oppai (breasts) are a thing too, and that there are a lot of people who enjoy this particular body part. And it goes about the whole topic in a very sexy way…

Are you ready? It’s time to take a look at this popular manga that might change the way you think about male breasts!

Saying ‘Yes’ Without Thinking Usually Leads to Trouble...

Naoto has a weakness that he’s unable to overcome: he can’t say ‘no’. This has been a huge problem for him, especially now that he finds himself unemployed after taking the blame for something he didn’t do. Luckily for him, his good friend Takeru happens to know someone that’s currently hiring, so he suggests Naoto should go take a look at his club. At first, Naoto is really grateful that he’s able to find a new job that quickly, but it doesn’t take long for him to realize that this is not an ordinary club, and that he won’t be getting a job as part of the security staff.

We can’t really blame Takeru here; he just wanted to help his friend out by recommending him this place. If Naoto wants the money, however, he’s expected to serve customers wearing some provoking clothes that leave his chest exposed for the world to see. When Takeru finds out what Naoto is doing, he’s torn between finding the whole thing quite funny and a little bit of jealousy.The thing about these customers is that they’re all old men with a passion for sucking the waiters’ breasts… after all, what’s an oppai club for?!

This Line of Work Gets You All Worked Up

Working in the sex industry might prove to be difficult for some people, especially if they work in a place that doesn’t allow customers to have sex… unless it’s in the VIP room. Naoto discovers that going to that room with Takeru is rather enjoyable: he gets to escape from the regular customer who sucks his breasts so hard that he leaves marks and, at the same time, he gets some alone time with his friend. Although at first he’s not very convinced, Naoto is quick to change his mind about allowing Takeru to touch him. After all, it really feels nice to have someone touch him down there! But at the same time, Naoto is scared that all the touching and fucking will get in the way of his friendship with Takeru, completely unaware of the fact that Takeru is really happy with the way their relationship is going.

If there’s someone who suffers from not being able to get some dick while working, that is Makoto, a sexually frustrated waiter. He can’t help but want to get laid with all the sucking and teasing that he has to tolerate on a daily basis. Fortunately for him, he manages to convince Tadamotsu to become sex friends. It takes some time, but Makoto doesn’t give up that easily, especially when a good night of rough sex is on the line... and when he finally gets to be penetrated by Tadamotsu, he’s overjoyed.

Trying to Be Independent

Even though Naoto finds himself in a mess for being unable to say 'no', he tries to overcome his problems by himself, avoiding asking for help from his only friend. He doesn’t want to feel like he owes him any favors and, of course, he doesn’t want to be a burden. But when he finds himself unemployed and unable to pay the rent, Naoto knows that he can’t be too proud; after all, friends are supposed to be there to help, and Takeru is such a kind-hearted friend! And we say this not only because he helps Naoto find a new job, but also because, after learning what his friend is doing for a living now, he becomes a regular customer. Takeru even goes as far as asking the manager to keep Naoto away from the VIP room unless he's around!

Naoto’s plan of being independent goes down the drain when Takeru asks him to move out of the dorms and start living with him. Still, Naoto refuses to stop working at the club since he wants to earn his own money. Takeru doesn’t like the idea, but he also understands where Naoto is coming from. On the bright side of things, now that they live together, the amount of sexy time between the two has increased a lot!

Customer-Server Relationships Are Allowed... In the Spin-Off!

If Momichupa Oppabu Time is not enough for you, then you can visit Daria club and meet the characters in Momichupa Oppabu Fever Time, an ongoing spin-off about a shy guy working at the club that falls in love with a somewhat unexpected customer. Tamotsu, the protagonist, doesn't like having sex and is the most shy guy at the club, always trying to go unnoticed. One day, a drunk man and his friend start yelling at the entrance, curious about what the hell is an oppai club for men. While one of Tamotsu's coworkers takes care of this unwanted, rude guy, he gets to talk with the man's friend, who happens to have a lot in common with him. Surprisingly enough, this guy visits the pub again a few days later, not to harass or have sex with Tamotsu but to invite him a drink and talk, something that inmediatly makes our protagonist fall in love with him.

Final Thoughts

Momichupa Oppabu Time and its spin-off sequel have everything a fujoshi likes: incredibly handsome seme's with an overprotective side, and oblivious uke's who give these boys everything they need but didn't know. The series also pays attention to male breasts, something that doesn’t happen that often, and we love it!

When a manga takes place at a sex shop like this one, you know it’ll be full of hot and steamy scenes. Wouldn't you like to visit an oppai club for men and enjoy these men having fun and sucking breasts, too? Let a fujoshi see through the window, at least!

Momichupai-Oppai-Time Momichupa Oppabu Time - Let There Be Justice For Male Oppai!

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