Monster Sanctuary: Forgotten World PS4 Review - “Pokevania Returns Revamped”

“Pokevania Returns Revamped”

Game Info:

  • System: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • Publisher: Team17
  • Developer: moi rai games
  • Release Date: December 8, 2020

Monster-Sanctuary-wallpaper-700x394 Monster Sanctuary: Forgotten World PS4 Review - “Pokevania Returns Revamped”

Ever since the release of Pokémon there have been almost an absurd amount of clones and wannabes that have released onto the gaming world. Usually, most are subpar at best but every now and again, a game will release that has a similar theme as Pokémon but can’t be labeled just another clone. Monster Sanctuary by developer moi rai games has similar themes to the beloved monster fighting game but the similarities stop from the initial choice in your starter monster and this game quickly shows signs of being more akin to Castlevania. Recently, developer moi rai games knew their game needed some more content to keep fans happy and they delivered with their entirely free DLC. Is this DLC worth returning to the world as a Keeper or is it a bit too late for DLC to release on a now 2-year-old title? We find out in our review of Monster Sanctuary Forgotten World DLC for the PS4!

Simple but Fun

Monster-Sanctuary-wallpaper-700x394 Monster Sanctuary: Forgotten World PS4 Review - “Pokevania Returns Revamped”

In case you need a crash course of moi rai studios indie title, here is what you can expect from the base game. Monster Sanctuary isn’t trying to be an overly complex title that has players doing a billion things to raise their monster party. As a new Keeper, your primary mission is to align yourself with various monster friends and take down a rising threat in the form of guardians, powerful creatures that are beginning to cause amok. Luckily, your team can be formed with monsters you raise from eggs—which is way simpler than it sounds—and then leveled up to become strong warriors. The systems in Monster Sanctuary are pretty straightforward: level up monsters, fight in turn-based combat, which has some nice mechanics that are very retro feeling, and eventually, explore the lands fully. Monster Sanctuary is very accessible no matter your age making it easy for all age groups to dive head first and kind of do their own thing while playing!

New Game Modes!?

At launch, Monster Sanctuary was a pretty simple game but with the Forgotten World DLC players can now choose a permadeath option–akin to Fire Emblem games–and a randomizer to make the entire experience feel fresh upon every new game. There’s also the Bravery mode which severely limits what monsters you can utilize in a battle for a true test of your Monster Keeper aptitude! These new modes can be combined for a fresh new take on Monster Sanctuary and we really think this will appeal to even new players who love to start their games with a challenge!

Whole New World!!!

Monster Sanctuary Forgotten World isn’t just a bunch of additional new game modes to play but also offers an exciting new location to explore that is filled with new monsters to collect, new skills to master, and new lore for those who wanted to know more about the past story within Monster Sanctuary. Fresh-faced Monster Keepers might want to blaze right into this really nice-looking new area–visually it’s leaping over the past content–but will find this area is really only feasible near the end-game content. A new team of monsters won’t be able to survive and to even access this new local, players will need various monster abilities only gained later on. But for those who have begged for new monsters to tame–which there are ten of them–and new skills to acquire, Forgotten World is a must-download piece of DLC to really increase the replayability of this marvelous indie title!

Final Thoughts

Monster-Sanctuary-wallpaper-700x394 Monster Sanctuary: Forgotten World PS4 Review - “Pokevania Returns Revamped”

Monster Sanctuary Forgotten World is a nice little addition to this wonderful indie game. Adding new monsters and areas to explore, plus new bits of gameplay changes almost the entire base game and really allows players to amp up the difficulty if they felt Monster Sanctuary was a bit too simple before. The Forgotten World DLC portion might be a late-game addition which will make it only appealing to those who have bested the original but we think those who love Monster Sanctuary will now have reason to return to their Monster Keeper world once more.

Monster-Sanctuary-wallpaper-700x394 Monster Sanctuary: Forgotten World PS4 Review - “Pokevania Returns Revamped”


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