Moss - PlayStation VR Game

A brief but beautiful virtual reality adventure

Game Info:

  • System: PSVR, PC
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Polyarc
  • Release Date: June 12, 2018

Who it Caters to

Moss-game-300x374 Moss - PlayStation VR Game
Have you ever wanted to feel what it would be like to be transported into a fairy tale story that you could witness first hand? We assume many of you readers have and we can’t blame you as the thought has crossed our minds as well. Moss by developers Polyarc gives players that feeling by having you enter a literal storybook narrative while you interact with a small hero and help her pave her way towards her destiny. Simple, fun and breathtaking, Moss is a PSVR game that shows the power of the virtual reality device for the PS4 and proves that games can look just as amazing in VR as they do in regular settings.

What to Expect

Moss-game-300x374 Moss - PlayStation VR Game
Moss is a PSVR that has the player guiding a small mouse on a rather large quest. Explore a large—but miniature—world filled with puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat. Moss delivers a storybook experience with the narrative being done as if the player is reading a book about the adventures of the mouse and the quest then end up on. With wonderful visuals, simple gameplay and a charming plot, Moss is a PSVR game that caters to all ages young and or old.


Moss-game-300x374 Moss - PlayStation VR Game
Moss tells the story of a young female mouse called Quill. One day on a random walk, Quill discovers a strange artifact and meets an unseen entity in the form of you, the player. However, these events lead Quill to her destined fate to rise up and become a hero. Quill must conquer numerous challenges, face off against numerous foes and save her uncle who has tried to keep his niece safe. Quill isn’t alone though and with her strength, she will rise up as a hero and conquer the darkness that slow is rising in her world! Welcome to Moss where the tale of a young mouse becoming a hero begins with a turn of the page.


Moss-game-300x374 Moss - PlayStation VR Game
About several months ago, we here at Honey’s Anime saw a PC VR game called Moss and we were blown away by its visuals and cute main character. Yet, we never got to try out Moss because we didn’t have the means to do so unfortunately. Luckily, after 4 months, we got some good news that Moss—developed by Polyarc—was being released for the PSVR and we found our golden opportunity to get a copy and see if Moss was not only beautiful but fun to play. What was our final thoughts on Moss once we went through it? Find out in our review of Moss for the PSVR!

Moss isn’t a very complicated PSVR game to explain. Players assume the role of a strange floating being—that looks like No Face from Spirited Away—as they help a young mouse named Quill. After finding a strange shard, Quill learns that her destiny has become dangerous when her uncle runs off to face a deadly enemy alone to keep her safe. Quill, wanting to prove she can be a hero, goes off with the being—which is you, by the way—and attempts a rescue mission for her uncle all while saving the day from an evil beast. Moss isn’t very unique in terms of the story presented, but the charm of Quill and her interaction with you and the world she’s in makes for a pleasant setting and one you’re going to fall in love with.

Usually, we here at Honey’s Anime don’t start our reviews by talking about graphics—as we firmly believe graphics aren’t everything in a game—but Moss’ graphics need to be discussed. The moment you enter the world of Quill you will be blown away by Moss’ amazing setting, wonderful visuals and breathtaking level of detail, especially for a PSVR game. Quill looks so adorable and fluffy that we smiled widely—or at least, we were told we were—while guiding her through dark castle-like buildings and lush forest settings. Every area in Moss looked amazing and felt like it could be a movie we were watching more than a PSVR game. Moss easily might be the best PSVR game we’ve seen in the fantasy category and it’s one of the strongest elements to the game as a whole.

Now, while visuals for Moss are amazing, the gameplay is also what matters, especially for a PSVR game. Luckily, Moss plays quite well if not a little simply. Players have two main roles in Moss. One is to guide Quill using the controller and defeat enemies that pop up as well as do some minor platforming. The other role in Moss is playing as the No Face-like being where you will use the motion control of the controller to open doors for Quill, save her if her health begins to run low and solve puzzles within Quill’s world. Both elements control great and while the puzzle/action sequences of Moss might be too simple, this is a game made for all ages so we can forgive the simplicity.

If Moss has one weakness, and we mean its biggest flaw, it would be the game length. Moss can easily be beaten in 2 hours and that is even with us occasionally dying, trying to figure out a puzzle and looking for collectibles. We are used to most PSVR games—or any VR games for that matter—being on the short side, but Moss’ quick playtime hurt the experience because we could easily spend dozens of hours fighting alongside Quill and helping her overcome numerous other challenges. Maybe some extra enemies or puzzle types could have extended the lifespan of Moss but equally this is trying to be a short narrative at the end of the day. If Moss would have last 5-6 hours, the game could have become repetitive and tiresome so we do semi understand why it wasn’t made to be extremely long.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Moss-game-300x374 Moss - PlayStation VR Game
Like a children’s story, Moss tells a beautiful but short tale. As far as VR games go, Moss looks stunning and is easily one of the most detailed VR games we’ve played for the PSVR. Moss is simple, fun and just a pleasant game all around. With an ending that screams a possible sequel, we are quite excited to see what developer Polyarc can do with the tale of Quill and her quest to be the hero she’s slowly becoming. If you need a VR game that is just enjoyable and fun overall, then you should nab Moss as soon as you can. The price tag of $19.99 is definitely worth it for Moss and you won’t regret paying it!

Honey's Pros:

  • Stunning VR graphics
  • Simple gameplay for all ages
  • Fairy tale story is cute and adorable from start to finish
  • Intuitive use of VR controls for puzzles and exploration

Honey's Cons:

  • Very short experience
  • Can be a bit too easy

Honey's Final Verdict:

Moss-game-300x374 Moss - PlayStation VR Game
Moss is one of those games that you might only play once, but that one time is enough to experience a great VR game and truly enjoy the time invested. While we wish Moss was a bit more complex—as well as longer—the game itself was truly an example of how amazing VR games can and should look. That’s why we do hope the phrase at the end of Moss comes true, we do want a second game as soon as possible. With that being said though, have you played Moss or want to get it? Tell us why and or your thoughts on Moss in the comments below! For even more game reviews, news and gaming related articles, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!
Moss-game-300x374 Moss - PlayStation VR Game


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