Most Dangerous Isekai Worlds in Manga

Perhaps we get so engrossed in the appeal of being able to live in another world and act out our fantasies that we forget all the dangers that being in an isekai can bring. Thankfully, there are righteous mangaka that are able to remind us how hellish other worlds could be compared to our own. With these next three manga, we’re going to see just how awful and inhospitable isekai worlds can truly be.

3. Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Nagumo Hajime was called useless by his classmates, and that didn’t change when all of them were suddenly transported to another world. Called upon to be heroes, they were each given abilities upon transferring, but to no one’s surprise, Hajime’s wasn’t very useful or exciting compared to his peers. When they were taken to a dungeon for training, things didn’t go as easily as they had hoped.

Betrayed and left for dead, Hajime fell into the deepest section of the abyss, a place where even veteran heroes would be as good as dead. Through sheer grit and determination, Hajime was forced to claw his way through hell just to survive from one grueling moment to the next. Completely alone and abandoned, Hajime must contend with the some of the most ruthless demons and monsters of any isekai world.

2. Game obu Familia – Family Senki

16-year-old Hatsushima Sasae’s father passed away three months after remarrying a beautiful young woman, gaining Sasae a new family. It hasn’t been long since his death, and Sasae has barely adjusted to living with his new stepmother and her two younger sisters. Now the unexpected has happened and they’ve all been transported to another world. This world is overrun with a demonic race known as the Dead Mell who devour men and rape women.

All the world’s kingdoms are held in fear by the Dead Mell, thus a desperate summoning ritual was held to call forth the strongest Familia. By pledging themselves to the gods of this world, the four of them can achieve greater strength and potentially counter the vicious spread of Dead Mell. But the dead are only half the threat, as not all the kingdoms see the otherworlders as saviors and merely tools. This manga provides a horrifying look at a world where normal humans can’t hope to last long, no matter where they happen to go.

1. Dungeon Seeker

Junpei Takeda was a weak student protected from bullies by his childhood love Noriko Tatsumiya. One day, while being protected as usual, they were all whisked away to another world by a god on a random whim. All of them were given abilities, but Junpei’s were so weak that he wouldn’t even be able to live as a commoner, let alone help earn a living in this harsh new world. Fearing the worst, Noriko confided in him that their only choice would be to explore a harsh labyrinth.

However, this was a trap planned by her and his bullies meant to get rid of the weak and useless Junpei. Betrayed and trapped in the deadliest of environments, Junpei can only proceed or die. Spurred on by revenge, he levels up slowly in order to conquer the labyrinth and get his revenge. The monsters, inhabitants, and very nature of the labyrinth are the direst and most dreadful depictions we’ve ever seen in an isekai manga. This is a true walkthrough of isekai hell!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Not every isekai world is a beautiful fantasy come true. Thankfully, we likely don’t have to worry about being sent to any place like this any time soon. Do you have any dangerous isekai worlds you think belong on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Arifureta-Shokugyou-de-Sekai-Saikyou-manga Most Dangerous Isekai Worlds in Manga


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