Musashino! Anime Pushed Back, Will No Longer Air in Summer

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Slice of Life, Comedy

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The sequel of Urawa no Usagi-chan.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Usagi Takasago

Voice Actor: Asami Seto

A forever cheerful, super-energetic girl who is always smiling. Every morning, she visits a shrine near her house before she goes to school. She is a member of the Railway Club.

Minami Ooyaba

Voice Actor: Keiko Watanabe

A member of both the Railway Club and the Light Music Club, her family runs a live music venue. She refers to herself with the masculine pronoun “boku” and tends to go at her own pace. She tends to say too much, and is always being cut off by Tokiwa. Usagi’s childhood friend.

Midori Saido

Voice Actor: Hisako Toujou

A soothing character who has a laidback personality and reassures everyone around her. She loves sweets and often brings many different kinds to the clubroom.

Kojika Bessho

Voice Actor: Miyu Kubota

The school council vice-president. She always acts like the perfect student, but she actually puts in more effort than anyone else and often pushes herself to the limit. Numakage’s childhood friend. She loves ninjas.

Misono Mimuro

Voice Actor: Nao Tamura

The head of the discipline committee. A mysterious girl who often suddenly appears out of nowhere. She has the special ability to always get lost.

Saiko Numakage

Voice Actor: Rumi Ookubo

The charismatic school council president. She may be brimming with confidence and an overflowing sense of justice, but she’s actually a little devil who loves pranks. She often fights with Tokiwa, her natural enemy, at school council meetings.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: harappa
  • Director: Mitsuyuki Ishibashi
  • Script: Hiroyasu Kubota
  • Series Composition: Hiroyasu Kubota
  • Character Design: Akihiko Oka
  • Animation Director: Akihiko Oka
  • Original Illustrator: NOB-C
  • Music: Kuniyuki Morohashi

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