Bookworm × Prince Anime "Mushikaburi-hime" (Bibliophile Princess) Arrives 2022!!


Drama, Romance, Historical

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Elianna is a bibliophile engaged in name only to Christopher, prince of the realm. One day, she’s made aware of the rumors that the prince enjoys the company of another lady. Believing that this new girl is his true love, she seeks to break off their engagement...with the most unexpected consequences! This is a love fantasy about a noble lady, and the misunderstanding she must resolve!

Characters & Voice Actors


Daughter of a marquess, engaged to Prince Christopher. Nicknamed “Bibliophile Princess” and formerly “Specter of the Library” for her love of reading. Largely prefers the former.

Crown Prince of Sauslind. He is extremely devoted to his fiancee, Eliana. Normally wise and intelligent, he becomes reckless whenever she’s involved. The country has great expectations for him.

Son of a duke and a reliable aide of Christopher’s. Acts coldly towards all women and is thus dubbed “The Ice Dukeling.”

A knight and an aide of Christopher’s. As part of Christopher’s personal guard, he’s repeatedly dragged into the prince’s antics.

A musician serving the royal court. Made a secret agreement with Christopher that he would (discreetly) protect Eliana.

Brother of the king. Young and attractive, he is a bachelor despite his popularity.

Other TitleBibliophile Princess
"Mushikaburi-hime (Princess of the Bibliophile.)" (Light novel)
Mushikaburi-hime-Princess-of-the-Bibliophile.-KV Bookworm × Prince Anime "Mushikaburi-hime" (Bibliophile Princess) Arrives 2022!!

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yui
  • Director: Taro Iwasaki
  • Series Composition: Koki Hirota
  • Character Design: Mizuka Takahashi

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Mushikaburi-hime-Princess-of-the-Bibliophile.-KV Bookworm × Prince Anime "Mushikaburi-hime" (Bibliophile Princess) Arrives 2022!!

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