Mushroom Wars 2 - PC Review

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Cute and challenging in the same beat

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC, iOS, MAC
  • Publisher: Zillion Whales
  • Developer: Zillion Whales
  • Release Date: Oct 6, 2017
  • Price:$14.99
  • Rating: E 10+ for Everyone 10+
  • Genre: Real Time Strategy
  • Players: 1 (Online 2-4)
  • Official Website:

Who it Caters to

Logo-Mushroom-Wars-2-Capture-500x254 Mushroom Wars 2 - PC Review
Who it Caters to (Use MW #1)
Those who love cute cartoonish RTS titles may want to look at Mushroom Wars 2. In Mushroom Wars 2, players guide Mushroom Folk as they capture bases and attack specific points. Unlike most RTS titles, Mushroom Wars 2 uses simple controls but gives players a wide berth when it comes to plans of strategy. With several means of play, Mushroom Wars 2 offers up fans of the genre a real nice amount of content for an affordable price. Cute art, simple but deep gameplay and a variety of different game modes makes Mushroom Wars 2 a RTS for those new and old to the genre.

What to Expect

Logo-Mushroom-Wars-2-Capture-500x254 Mushroom Wars 2 - PC Review
Mushroom Wars 2 isn’t a story filled with tough space marines or fierce looking ogres. Instead, players will guide cute little mushroom soldiers as they charge into the battlefield trying to gain field dominance. While simple initially, Mushroom Wars 2 begins to get more and more complex adding various types of buildings to take over and heroes to select for various skills and perks. Mushroom Wars 2 might be a cute looking game but looks are deceptive here. Mushroom Wars 2 is a simple to control but tough to master RTS title with single player, multiplayer and even cooperative multiplayer. Be ready to guide your Mushroom Folk into battle with smart actions or face defeat by the hands of your enemies.


Logo-Mushroom-Wars-2-Capture-500x254 Mushroom Wars 2 - PC Review
The peaceful days of the Mushroom Folk are over in Mushroom Wars 2. When various enemies and opposition arise, you must guide your little warriors to victory. Though this won’t be a simple task as your enemy also wishes to stand victorious. Manipulate your Mushroom Folks and be ready to react to altering situations if you want to obtain the best results. In Mushroom Wars 2, the soldiers may be tiny but the battles are epic. Are you up for the challenge?


Logo-Mushroom-Wars-2-Capture-500x254 Mushroom Wars 2 - PC Review
Here at Honey’s Anime we adore cute things. Being obvious fans of anime—it’s in our name after all—cute things tend to appeal to our moe nature. That’s why when Mushroom Wars 2 entered our mailboxes, we smiled immediately after seeing the cute art style and RTS style. However, Mushroom Wars 2 might look cute but is the gameplay worth shelling out $14.99 for or are you just getting a game that will make you go awe but eventually grow tired of? Well that is what we plan on discussing in our review of Mushroom Wars 2. Let us dive into this cute RTS with arms wide open.

As soon as Mushroom Wars 2 begins you’ll notice one of the best things about it, the impressive art style. Whether you’re running Mushroom Wars 2 on bare minimal graphics or high graphics—which should work with most computers—Mushroom Wars 2 is cute and gorgeous to look at. The art during the cutscenes makes you go wow and awe in one breath and really shows the amount of detail developer Zillion Whales was aiming for in Mushroom Wars 2. Though any game can look great, gameplay is also an important feature so let us talk about that next.

It doesn’t take long for a player to realize that Mushroom Wars 2 is an RTS focused game. Players take command of little mushroom warriors—known as Mushroom Folks—and are placed in command of them. The usual objective of most maps is to dominate the enemy by taking all their structures and or taking all the bases on a field. To accomplish this, players simple scroll over small mushroom houses which have numbers over them representing the amount of Mushroom Folk in the house and tell them to occupy another area. Say a mushroom house has the number 30 on it, what this means is you need 30 Mushroom Folks to take over that base, though there are some exceptions in later maps. The first hours of Mushroom Wars 2 might seem like a walk in the park—especially on the easier settings—but once the game begins to add heroes, different building types to manage and even how many Mushroom Folk you can control, Mushroom Wars 2 begins to become complex and deep though in a good way.

Mushroom Wars 2’s greatest strength is how much you can do within the game. Players who don’t like multiplayer RTS focused titles can enjoy a lengthy story mode with multiple campaigns and tons of means of changing the difficulty to make it even harder. However, if multiplayer is your primary means of enjoying a RTS game then you have some options here too with free for all modes, co-op multiplayer—in the form of 2 vs 2—and even a ranked base game mode. Mushroom Wars 2 might be a quarter of the price of a full game but the amount of modes of play and means of play feel almost as if Zillion Whales was being nice by only charging such a small fee for admission.

Now Mushroom Wars 2 is a great RTS game with tons to do, there are a few issues holding it back from being utter perfection. The initial hours of Mushroom Wars 2 offer players a lot of repetitive gameplay as they are taught different means of capturing bases, upgrading bases and even how different places can be used to upgrade units. In some ways it’s almost like the first several hours of Mushroom Wars 2 tries too hard to guide your hand before getting tough. This can be rectified by boosting the initial gameplay difficulty to medium or hard but it still equates to just making a mission longer. Another issue we have with Mushroom Wars 2 is that even when you begin to get into the nitty gritty of the game, it can become repetitive if you decide to play for long bursts. Our advice here at Honey’s Anime is to play Mushroom Wars 2 for a few hours at a time and then take breaks, otherwise before you know it you’ll find every map—even when the game begins throwing an onslaught of things at you—feel repeated and formulaic.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Logo-Mushroom-Wars-2-Capture-500x254 Mushroom Wars 2 - PC Review
Mushroom Wars 2 is one of those gaming titles that at first glance seems like a game geared for kids more than adults. However, we here at Honey’s Anime learned our lesson rather fast once we began playing Mushroom Wars 2. With tons of missions, various means of multiplayer modes and even cooperative play, Mushroom Wars 2 is a surprisingly ambitious title. We know Mushroom Wars 2 might not be for everyone seeing as how it is a simple title and can get repetitive after so long, but for most RTS veterans and or newbies, Mushroom Wars 2 offers up a nice mixture of simplicity and depth. For only $14.99, Mushroom Wars 2 is an easy game to recommend boasting so much content for such a small price tag. If you love RTS games and love cute art, then you’re going to love Mushroom Wars 2 without a doubt.

Honey's Pros:

  • Cute story
  • Adorable art
  • Simple to play but tough to master gameplay
  • Large amount of gameplay modes

Honey's Cons:

  • Can get extremely repetitive in long bursts
  • Slow start might turn some away initially

Honey's Final Verdict:

Logo-Mushroom-Wars-2-Capture-500x254 Mushroom Wars 2 - PC Review
Mushroom Wars 2 has already begun to win awards for amazing RTS gameplay and style and we here at Honey’s Anime can see why. With so much to offer gamers, Mushroom Wars 2 is tons of fun hidden in a simple style of play. For some RTS fans Mushroom Wars 2 can become tedious and repetitive at times but with loads of different game modes and multiplayer, this is an easy to fix issue. We 100% recommend Mushroom Wars 2 for those who want a cute RTS with depth but also easy to play mechanics. Are you now super excited to try out Mushroom Wars 2? Comment down below and for all your gaming and anime needs keep stuck to us here at Honey’s Anime.

Logo-Mushroom-Wars-2-Capture-500x254 Mushroom Wars 2 - PC Review


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