MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review

Rhythm game fans will revel at just how much comes in this remarkable package. It’s a dream come true for everyone! An exhilarating experience!

Game Info

  • System: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: PM Studios / acttil
  • Developer: I-Inferno
  • Release Date: June 21, 2018

MUSYNX for Nintendo Switch Trailer

Who it Caters to

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review
Whenever you visit an arcade, most of the time it’s filled with a plethora of games to play ranging from your typical racing game, to the fighting games, and then of course, the rhythm games. The latter of which only seem to cater to those who truly have a taste for music and have a knack for staying with the beat at all times. It’s certainly not a genre for everyone but those who fancy the rhythm games know exactly what I’m referring to when I say that the satisfying feeling you get after receiving a S rank on your favorite song is priceless. There aren’t that many titles out there that truly provide that exhilarating feeling like rhythm games, where every beat you successfully hit just adds more momentum to the thrill, where every mastered song creates this endless euphoria and the emotions you feel after landing a huge combo with no misses is beyond riveting.

This brings us to MUSYNX, a rhythm game title created by the great folks over at I-Inferno and published by PM Studios, alongside acttil. X.D. Networks may ring a bell to you as they’re the same team who helped publish ICEY, and once you pick up and play MUSYNX there’s a little surprise waiting for you. So who does MUSYNX cater to? Anyone who really enjoys music, lots of challenging rhythms and just a game with nonstop fun. You’ll simply get hooked once you start getting used to things and believe me, it’s hard to put down after awhile.

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review

What to Expect

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review
MUSYNX is a title created by a upcoming Chinese development team who’ve put a great deal of effort into making MUSYNX the awesome title that it is. With its simple UI, incredibly vibrant color scheme and mixture between Japanese and Chinese pop culture music, MUSYNX takes the player on an adventure unlike any other rhythm game out there. The game has two modes to choose from, the first being EZ Mode while the other being the more challenging Hard Mode (HD for short), and in total, there are over 90 songs from the start! You’ll find vocaloid tracks, 8bit retro tracks, rock and so much more, with more content coming down the pipeline. The layout on the Nintendo Switch is quite simple though not as easy to master when compared to the physical arcade cabinet.
MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review

There are two modes, 4K and 6K, with 4K being suited more to the handheld mode, while 6K is better suited for those who enjoy playing on the big screen. Whatever your choice is really doesn’t rob of you of the experience but rather, both provide their own unique style that anyone playing can enjoy. So whether you’re on the go or just chilling at home on the bed, MUSYNX is a game that you can bob your head to at any given time. Every song comes with its own beautifully crafted backdrop that compliments the music being played, and just adds another element of satisfaction as you aim for the high score. MUSYNX is truly the new music sensation and what better console to have it on than Nintendo’s Switch! Now that you know what to expect in this hardcore rhythm title, let’s dive more into the gameplay!

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review


MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review
As we said earlier, MUSYNX is a game catered to fans of the rhythm game genre but anyone can take part in the hype and learn as they play. The one major feature lacking is a tutorial mode and so those who are coming into the game for the first time may find things to be a little intimidating. Fear not because, unlike other rhythm games where if you score too many misses it results in a game over, MUSYNX places more emphasis on the music itself and not so much on the perfection of the track. It encourages you to make those early missteps so that you can continuously go back to really master that song and really give you that true feeling of reward, rather than beating yourself up for getting a game over all the time. It can be quite demoralizing for sure which perhaps it’s why the team decided to opt out on it and place more attention on the fun, rather than the strict timing of things. Not that timing isn’t important because it still is, but it’s not as strenuous and so you can get away with mashing buttons if you find yourself slipping up a few times.

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review
So in a way, the entire game itself is a tutorial since there are tracks which start from level 1 and go upwards to level 5 or more, and so, if you’re just starting out and want to maybe warm up your fingers, then level 1 is the way to go. Once you feel a little more comfortable and confident with your abilities, moving up a level or two may be of greater benefit. The layout in 4K is very straightforward as you have only 4 buttons to rely on, and they can be customized in the menu to your liking. Since the buttons on the Nintendo Switch are naturally small, it’ll require you to make sure your layout is comfortable enough so that you don’t end up missing buttons along the way, so one suggestion is to place two actions on the shoulder buttons since your index finger naturally stays there. You also have a speed functionality that you can edit before playing a song which can also make things a little easier for those just jumping in for the first time, but those with a knack for the rhythm can increase it at their leisure.

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review
Now MUSYNX wouldn’t be a rhythm game without the touch screen, which fortunately the Nintendo Switch has! So beginners can play on the 4K while the more experienced players can tackle their favorite songs in 6K and touch their way to victory. We said earlier that 6K looks a lot better on the big screen, but of course, you can’t touch your TV unless you have a touch screen TV, in which case forget what we just said. For those folk who can’t cough up the dough for such technology just place your Switch on a table and tap away at your pleasure, and watch as the score rises as well as your energy levels! The cutesy art style is also something to relish over because it really just brings out that inner child, and releases a lot of tension. Rhythm games have always been known to increase your reaction time and brain power, so pick this game up after a long day at work to really recharge your mind and have a blast doing so!

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review
Aside from that, MUSYNX is a pretty straightforward title with no added features. It sticks to the point and does a fabulous job in doing so, not throwing in too much to confuse you but have just enough to entice you to come back for just one more play (which ends up turning into more hours invested). The Sound Enhancer mode helps to enhance your performance, with the auto function allowing the music to play automatically with each beat. This is catered to those starting out while turning the enhancer down to weak or off are for the master players who rely on no enhancement, and are just godlike. All of these helpful explanations are found in the manual menu of the game which are laid out quite simply, and very easy to understand. The main selling point of MUSYNX is its incredibly vast assortment of music to choose from, which to be honest is quite unheard of in most rhythm titles that have come out as of late. Your ears will bask in joy and your hand-eye coordination will vastly improve, so not only is MUSYNX great to play, it’s a great tool to enhance the mind!
MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review

Honey's Pros:

  • Beautifully designed backgrounds for each song played.
  • Very anime driven and cutesy!
  • Very simple and straightforward UI, along with a nice manual to help newcomers.
  • No game over screen is quite relieving, especially for those starting out and don’t want to feel intimidated.
  • Hours and hours of nonstop fun. Over 90 songs!! (92 in total)

Honey's Cons:

  • No online features at the moment.

Honey's Final Verdict:

MUSYNX is one Nintendo Switch title you don’t want to ignore because it comes with all the bells and whistles that truly make a rhythm game shine. It has an incredible library of tracks to choose from, a mode for beginners, intermediate and masters to test out, and just a really awesome UI to stare at all day. We hope you found this review to be insightful and provided enough information to help encourage your purchase decision. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date on all the latest game news!

As always, for all things sweet, with news straight from Japan, be sure to keep it locked here on Honey’s Anime.

MUSYNX-Logo-500x281 MUSYNX - Nintendo Switch Review


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