My Hero Academia Season 4 Premiere Impressions - Anime Expo 2019

Anime Expo in Los Angeles has become THE place for anime premieres and 2019 wasn’t an exception. Among other exciting titles, Funimation treated us to the premiere of My Hero Academia Season 4! After a moving and hilarious panel with the voice actors—which we also reported on!—, we were treated to a private sneak peek to what we can expect from BokuAca Season 4. It was such a popular premiere that it required bracelets to get into because there were just too many people who wanted to go see it.

We laughed, we cried, we gasped and cheered. And then cried again when we remembered we have to wait till October for the actual season to start. *sobs in the corner* BUT! Since it was such a limited affair, we thought we’d bring you a retelling of the episode so you can get as pumped as we are for the next season of My Hero Academia!

If you’re not caught up with the anime thus far, there will be some spoilers below. If you’re caught up, we’ll cover the premiere while still holding back some surprising details so you can experience the excitement first hand when the season starts. And if you’re caught up with the manga… shhhh! We’re not that far yet! ;P

My Hero Academia Season 4 Trailer

-- Spoilers Ahead! --

As with most new seasons, the episode began with a quick introduction to the BokuAca universe—quirks and such—by Deku and a very quick recap of where Season 3 left off. Class 1-A got provisional licences—except Todoroki as he technically broke the rules—and the top 3 spoke to them about hero internships after Mirio thoroughly kicked all their butts. All Might is out of commission after facing All for One—who was arrested—and both the League of Villains and the Heroes are without a leader.

After the brief intro, Deku is set on taking advantage of the hero work-study program so he decides to visit All Might to get a referral for his internship as he knows he will grow much stronger if he does so. But All Might isn’t necessarily on board considering it will hurt Deku’s studies—and he’s clearly worried about him in general in a fatherly way.

The story then shifts over to the League of Villains’ lair where the leaderless motley crew is suddenly joined by Twice and a guest he’s just brought in to speak to Shigaraki. Their guest, Overhaul—who looks like a Yakuza boss—makes an offer to team up as he thinks he knows how to finally take down the heroes since neither side has a leader and the Greatest Hero is out of the picture. Of course, Shigaraki doesn’t think he needs assistance nor to team up with anyone. And that’s when things get dicey, much to Twice’s surprise who thought this would be a peaceful meeting of evil minds—because that’s what bad guys do, right? Talk peacefully? Of course not. Without spoiling anything, things get surprisingly violent and extreme really, really fast. A quick but intense battle ensues and, afterward, the League of Villains is left in even more disarray than before, though the new bad guy’s team didn’t leave unscathed. To say Shigaraki is pissed off is an understatement and this new guy looks like BIG trouble.

Meanwhile, Deku continues to beg his mentor for an introduction with Sir Nighteye so he can intern with him since, as All Might’s old partner, Sir Nighteye is familiar with Deku’s powers. After much discussion, All Might finally agrees to help Deku out, but he refuses to personally call Sir Nighteye on the phone for some reason. Instead, he tells Deku he will have Sir Nighteye’s current sidekick/intern introduce them.

When the mystery senpai shows up at All Might’s office, it’s none other than Mirio! Yes, the same dorky, super genki Mirio that pummelled class 1-A when the Top 3 talked to them about the work-study program. He’s—of course—super excited to introduce Deku to Sir Nighteye because, well… he’s Mirio and he’s excited about everything all the time, but also because he could see potential in Deku when they fought and he thinks he’d be a good fit in Sir Nigtheye’s team.

On their way to see Sir Nighteye, Deku asks his senpai what would give him an edge when meeting his potential new mentor to which Mirio replies, “make him laugh”. “What?” is basically Deku’s reaction and he thinks hard about how to complete the seemingly simple task. Deku gets even more nervous when the two students show up at Sir Nighteye’s office and he has one of his students tied up while he tickles her silly for failing to make him laugh. *gulp* It looks like fighting ability alone won’t be enough to secure this position!

After being introduced, Deku decides to try his best at making Sir Nighteye laugh and fails miserably, worrying Mirio. But then, Deku notices something about Sir Nighteye’s office and decides to use that knowledge to impress All Might’s old partner and goes all out, as he always does, to become part of Sir Nighteye’s agency and become the strong, full-fledged hero he’s been aiming to be since childhood—especially after finding out that there were other students in the running to inherit All Might’s power. The pressure is on!

We won’t go any further so as to avoid spoiling any of the hilarious, surprising, and exciting moments we think are best enjoyed first-hand so that’s as far as we’ll go here.

Final Thoughts

This writer prefers anime to manga, and if you’re the same, there seems to be plenty of excitement awaiting us in season 4 of My Hero Academia! If this episode was anything to go by, there will be tons of high-energy, high-risk battles and a whole lot of laughs. Mirio is absolutely hilarious, both in English and Japanese and he brings more of that genuine hero spirit that All Might and Deku exude. He’ll be a great senpai to Deku for sure and this arc feels like more than a “training” arc with the students being licenced and the villains getting more and more dangerous. And as for the villains’ side… we don’t even know what to expect! It seems an internal war might break out or there may be some usurping of power; either way, both the League of Villains and Overhaul’s team are strong and ruthless and will likely not back down which leads us to believe there may be a lot of casualties even just among them.

We can’t wait for season 4!! Is it October yet!? How excited are you about the next season of BokuAca? Are you reading the manga and still can’t wait to see your favorite battles animated? From the looks of the premiere, they're going to be epic! Were you one of the lucky ones who got to see the premiere at AX? Share your thoughts and BokuAca love with us in the comments below! And huge thanks to Funimation for bringing us all the awesome anime that we should all be watching!

Plus Ultra Nya~!

034 My Hero Academia Season 4 Premiere Impressions - Anime Expo 2019


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