My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! - The Best Girl Battle!

Spring 2020’s otome game isekai My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! is filled to the brim with top tier waifus and husbandos of all kinds. In the fictional game Fortune Lover, the guys are conquerable love interests and the girls are either romantic rivals or the main character, but here, they’re all head over heels for our (presumably) bisexual lead Katarina Claes. We’ve already discussed this anime’s husbandos in another article, so this time, let’s take a closer look at the waifus! Feel free to choose your favorite and crush on them endlessly until season 2 comes along.

-- Slight spoilers ahead! --

Katarina Claes

The original Katarina from Fortune Lover was a petty noble who constantly bullied the main character Maria and had to be killed or exiled in order to finish each love interest’s route, but her personality has completely changed now that a bubbly Japanese girl has been isekai’d into her mind. This Katarina loves and supports all of her friends (initially out of a desire to survive the game’s events, but later she turns completely sincere), causing all of them to fall in love with her instead of who they’re supposed to. She’s ditsy for sure, but Katarina is a hardworking and endlessly charming girl who genuinely wants the best for everyone in her life.

Verdict: Bakarina has no weaknesses!

Mary Hunt

This boisterous, big-breasted lady used to be weighed down by shyness and anxiety until Katarina assured her that her beautiful gardening made the world a better place (by accidentally stealing lines from her actual fiancé, Alan Stuart). Now that she’s grown up, Mary simps for Katarina with a single-minded zeal that we’re honestly jealous of, even commenting during a sleepover that she’d rather marry a woman than a man. This intense, auburn-haired heiress certainly has her priorities in order!

Verdict: We love a lesbian who knows what she wants.

Sophia Ascart

Soft-spoken Sophia had been bullied her whole childhood for her albinism, and she truly believed that she was the monster everyone said she was until Katarina made friends with her and treated her like a normal person. She loves trashy romance novels more than anything, and Katarina thinks that she’d love manga and games as well. It’s hinted that Katarina’s real-world friend Atsuko has been reincarnated into Sophia’s body to watch over her in her new life, so perhaps these childhood pals can finally get the happily ever after that they never got the first time around.

Verdict: The cutest reincarnation romance you ever did see.

Maria Campbell

Fortune Lover’s main character Maria is a gentle commoner blessed with rare light magic who joins the story once everyone starts at the magic academy. Katarina is terrified of her at first since Maria’s romances with the male characters trigger her doom in the plot of the game, but she quickly realizes that Maria’s a down-to-earth girl with her own joys and sorrows to share. Maria is charming in many ways, but our favorite trait of hers has to be her incredibly calming alto voice (provided by seiyuu Saori Hayami, who also played Yumeko Jabami in Kakegurui and Shinobu Kochou in Demon Slayer). She and Katarina strike up an adorable friendship... but maybe it could evolve into something more one day.

Verdict: Sweet as honey, just like her voice.

Final Thoughts

We’ll leave it up to you to decide who’s the best girl of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! but our final vote goes to Katarina herself. She’s the spacey sweetheart everyone else revolves around because she’s made their lives better through her kindness!

There aren’t many other named female characters in this show, but we’d like to give a small shoutout to Katarina’s maid Anne Shelley, who has always taken care of her and even gets a day-in-the-limelight episode about how Katarina defended her against Anne’s classist father. But who are your favorite waifus from this anime? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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