MyAnimeList Opens Blue Period Art Contest and to Hold Livestream Talk Event with Anime Staff/Cast

MALxJAPAN_1040x397-700x267 MyAnimeList Opens Blue Period Art Contest and to Hold Livestream Talk Event with Anime Staff/Cast

©Tsubasa Yamaguchi, KODANSHA / Blue Period Production Committee.

What You Need to Know:

  • MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd (MyAnimeList) has opened a global art contest to celebrate the airing of the TV anime BLUE PERIOD. The contest has the theme "Post your Blue'" and is open to participants no matter their location.
  • As well as prizes for the top 30 selected works, a prize draw will be held to give all entrants the chance to win exciting prizes. Entries are open until 17:59 (PT) October 31 2021)
  • To commemorate the opening of the contest, a special livestream event will be held on the official MyAnimeList YouTube channel. The stream will consist of a talk event with the anime’s director Koji Masunari as well as Hiromu Mineta, who is voicing protagonist Yatora.
  • The talk event will give viewers a look into the theme of "blue" and will allow viewers to ask questions to be answered live during the stream.
  • Event website
    • URL:
    • Entry period: From 18:00 PT on October 1 until 17:59 PT on October 31, 2021
    • Entry terms: Please check website for Terms of Application
  • Livestream event
    • URL:
    • Start time: 18:00 (PT) October 1 2021 (Planned to last about one hour)
    •         Note: Schedule is subject to change.

    • Catch-up stream: Until 17:59 (PT) October 31

    About the "Blue Period International Art Exhibition" event

    The Blue Period International Art Exhibition allows participants to submit an art piece in any medium that uses the theme "Post your Blue" This does not necessarily mean to be blue in color, to reflect what feels "Blue" to the entrant.

    The contest will collate all these different interpretations of "Blue" from participants into a single art piece, and by doing so aims to broaden the meaning of "Blue" and deepen the understanding of BLUE PERIOD.

    [Photomosaic Art]

    All entries received will be combined into a single photomosaic art piece. The piece will be uploaded to the internet for anybody to view, and can be zoomed in enough to see all the entries.

    [For entries chosen by the MyAnimeList community]

    Anime and manga-loving members of the MyAnimeList community will be able to choose 30 entries which will be displayed on a special MAL Prize page.


    ・All entries will be placed into a prize draw for a chance to win the following:
    ・Script signed the cast (5 winners)
    ・Canvas Board signed by BLUE PERIOD manga author Tsubasa Yamaguchi (3 winners)
    ・A canvas art (unsigned) will also be presented to each of the winners of the MAL Prize.

    [Sale of photomosaic art merchandise]

    Merchandise featuring the photomosaic art will be sold on a produce-to-order basis.
    This will be a great opportunity to celebrate taking part in the event, and can even help you introduce BLUE PERIOD to your friends.
    - Orders planned to begin in December 2021

    What is BLUE PERIOD

    BLUE PERIOD is a manga written and illustrated by Tsubasa Yamaguchi which is currently being serialised in Kodansha's MONTHLY AFTERNOON magazine. It tells the coming-of-age story of high-schooler Yatora Yaguchi, who finds himself in the beautiful and demanding world of art as he aims to enter a prestigious art school. This Manga Taisho Prize-winning manga will see an anime adaptation on-air beginning October 2021.

    BLUE PERIOD Synopsis

    Yatora Yaguchi is a well-liked second-year high school student with perfect grades, spending his days hanging out in the town with his wayward friends.Even though his life seems picture-perfect,Yatora can’t help but feel like something is missing. By chance, Yatora happens across a painting in the art room and is mesmerized.

    “Art is a language without words.”

    Realising that painting could be a way for him to express his true feelings, a deep interest in the fine arts awakens inside of Yatora as he finds himself drawn to the canvas. Impassioned, Yatora sets his sights.

    “I want to go to Tokyo University of the Arts.”

    A 20:1 acceptance rate and just 650 days until entrance exams. Aiming for Japan’s top arts university burning with adolescence, Yatora’s fight has just begun.

    ▽BLUE PERIOD TV anime official website

    ▽BLUE PERIOD official manga website via Kodansha

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MALxJAPAN_1040x397-700x267 MyAnimeList Opens Blue Period Art Contest and to Hold Livestream Talk Event with Anime Staff/Cast
I love it when the committees hold Q & As!
MALxJAPAN_1040x397-700x267 MyAnimeList Opens Blue Period Art Contest and to Hold Livestream Talk Event with Anime Staff/Cast
The art show sounds great!