N++ - Xbox One Review

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Become the ultimate platforming Ninja

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac
  • Publisher: Metanet Software Inc.
  • Developer: Metanet Software Inc.
  • Release Date: Oct 3, 2017

Who it Caters to

Logo-N-Capture-500x196 N++ - Xbox One Review
Who it Caters to (Use N++ #1)
Grab your headbands and get your controllers ready, N++ returns players to the hard and challenging platforming game with even harder challenges than ever before. For those who loved the original N+ or are just looking for a challenge, N++ aims to deliver. Dodge missiles, jump between bombs and mines, all while trying to beat the timer. Are you a gamer who loves the thrill of beating a challenge? Maybe you love titles like Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV? If you said yes to any of those questions, then you’re going to adore N++ as it makes you yell and scream all while having a good time.

What to Expect

Logo-N-Capture-500x196 N++ - Xbox One Review
What to Expect (Use N++ #2)
N++ brings back the same excitement of the past alliterations but adds to it with new maps, a custom map editor and more sweat inducing challenge. In addition to new maps, N++ offers up more awesome electronic music and tons of background colors to keep things from getting too stale. While N++ might not look super stylistic with impressive visuals, N++ delivers great gameplay and simplistic designs for an overall solid feel. With literally hundreds of new maps and the ability to download other’s custom maps, N++ won’t out of content anytime soon. Even as you find yourself screaming in frustration for dying your tenth death, a bright smile on your face says it all. N++ is a fun and addicting game for those who love a platforming gauntlet.


Logo-N-Capture-500x196 N++ - Xbox One Review
N++ has players take on the role of a fast and flexible Ninja. Your goal is to grab some gold and make your escape. However, your task will not be easy. Before you lie tons of dangerous and deadly traps such as heat seeking missiles, large pitfalls and a constant timer reminding you time is of the essences. Do you have the skills needed to make it through alive or will you explode and have your limbs flying about? Find out now in N++!


Logo-N-Capture-500x196 N++ - Xbox One Review
13 years ago, small development team, Metanet Software, did something incredible. Using Flash Software, the team released a freeware title known simply as N. Regardless of how simple the game was—and we mean in design, not in challenge or scope—N became a quite popular title. This would then lead to Metanet Software creating N+ for XBLA 4 years later. Now once again the developers return with an updated version now titled N++ for Xbox One and several other consoles. Is this new N++ worthy of the amazing legacy the past titles have created or does it fall flat and deliver a weak experience? Find out now in our review of N++.

Now we here at Honey’s Anime will first assume many of you didn’t ever play N+ or weren’t even possibly alive yet in 2004 when the original N released. That’s why first we should explain the idea of N++. In N++, players take on the role of a small stick figure-like ninja with no name or backstory. The idea is that your ninja must be navigated through various levels and traps with the ability to jump and move. It’s a very simple idea but with tons of real world physics and defy defying platforming, N++ isn’t simple by any means.

All that being said, for any platforming game to do well in 2017 it needs solid controls. Thankfully, N++ handles like a dream. While you might die left and right it will never feel like it’s the game’s fault only yours ultimately. This inevitably makes N++ feel great and while it may not be flashy in prestation, N++ is still a wonderful experience time and time again. Though, just be ready to have a lot of patience as you die constantly in N++.

N++’s amount of content is where it shines over its competition out there. Not only can you create your own levels in N++--meaning you can make your own sadistically hard levels and challenges—but the game boasts over 4340 custom made levels from developer Metanet Software. That means even if you didn’t download any other levels from creators, you’re looking at literally hours upon hours of single player gameplay. If you have some friends, you can even hang out and play in up to 4 player co-op modes or 4 player competitive mode. N++ is without a lot of content for the low price of $14.99.

Now as we mentioned, graphically N++ isn’t anything spectacular. Games like Super Meat Boy or Spelunky have a ton of creative level designs and character models to enjoy while N++ has stick figures and different colored backdrops. For 2017 that might be a bit of a letdown but honestly few will notice thanks to the level designs—in terms of obstacles and such—and the great electronic music used. N++ might not be anything to look at but those musical tracks will make you want to blast your volume all the way up as you try your best to not die and dance at the same time.

Now N++ does have its minor problems so let us end our gameplay section with that like we always do. N+ for the Xbox 360 had multiplayer both co-op and online. However, N++ only has local co-op meaning if you want to play 4 player modes either co-op or competitively, you need some friends who live near you. This was a real missed opportunity, we feel, and it does kill the experience a little. The other issue is that as we mentioned before N++ doesn’t look that impressive. While we know N++ aims to deliver in terms of level amounts and physics, games like Super Meat Boy, Spelunky and even VVVVVV have a unique feel. It’s hard to tell folks to play a game that looks as it did back in 2004 with a straight face.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Logo-N-Capture-500x196 N++ - Xbox One Review
N++ might not look impressive, that much is noticeable from the gate, but that doesn’t by any means make this a bad game. N++ honestly is one of the most impressive platforming titles we’ve played here at Honey’s Anime thanks to a numerous number of positives in comparison to the few negatives. 4340 handmade levels, great music, 4 player local co-op and a nice amount of challenge make N++ a must own for fans of the platforming genre. At the low price of $14.99, N++ will give you hundreds of gaming hours if you decide to complete every level and try out the level editor feature. To us here at Honey’s Anime, N++ is simply an amazing game.

Honey's Pros:

  • Literally thousands of maps to play
  • 4 player local co-op
  • Great electronic music
  • Challenging but fun
  • Detailed level editor
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Solid controls

Honey's Cons:

  • No online play
  • Bare minimal design might be off putting to some

Honey's Final Verdict:

Logo-N-Capture-500x196 N++ - Xbox One Review
For us here at Honey’s Anime, video games don’t always need to have triple A levels of graphics or design. Sure there a lot of gamers who only desire beauty in their games—which we won’t argue isn’t a bad thing—but ultimately a game’s actual gameplay should be more important as even the best looking titles don’t always play that well. That’s why if you don’t care about just impressive visuals but instead want a game with tons of content and loads of challenge, then you’re going to want to buy N++ today as it delivers all of that and so much more. Alright, with that folks we have come to the end of our review of N++. Though if you love the review you can always comment below and scan our hive for more articles and game reviews here at Honey’s Anime.
Logo-N-Capture-500x196 N++ - Xbox One Review


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