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2020 Winter


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Natsuna Keyaki is a female university student who lives in Tokyo. She lost contact with her friends in Kumamoto because of the Kumamoto Earthquake, so she came to Kumamoto to look for them. We see her growing gradually by meeting many unique local people with a strong will, including junior high school student Izumi Chiba.
The animation will be produced asthe part of Kumamoto's reconstruction support after the earthquake that occurred in 2016. For the first time, the animation produced by a local government is broadcast over the terrestrial broadcasting.

Honda Yasuyuki is the director,Fukudome Shun is the producer, Mr. Domeshi, who is in charge of the script, and the staff from Kumamoto gathered together. Aoyama Yoshino, who is also from Kumamoto, will appear as a voice actor.

Characters & Voice Actors

Natsuna Keyaki: Ai Hashimoto

She is a female university student and the main character of this story. Came from Tokyo to Kumamoto's disaster area to find her friends.
Izumi Chiba: Yoshino Aoyama

Junior high school student who lives in Kumamoto
Shigezou Chiba: Shigeru Chiba

Izumi's father
Sayuri Chiba: Yuka Terasaki

Izumi's mother

Other TitleNatsunagu!
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Camellia" by Rio
Main Staff
  • Director: Yasuyuki Honda
  • Script: Domeshi
  • Character Design: Takahiro Uezono
  • Original Illustrator: noroanna
  • Producer: Shun Fukudome

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bee-happy1 Natsunagu!
bee-happy1 Natsunagu!
bee-happy1 Natsunagu!
bee-happy1 Natsunagu!

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