Ne0;lation Chapter 10 Manga Review

ne0lation-manga Ne0;lation Chapter 10 Manga Review

A Race Begins!

  • Episodes : Tomohide, Hirao
  • Genre : Shonen Jump
  • Airing Date : Action, Shounen
  • Producers : February 24, 2019

Contains Spoilers

Ne0;lation Introduction (No Spoilers)

The world is filled with those who love to harm others. Villains reign in the darker parts, but now they have a threat to worry about in the form of a hacker/cracker known as ne0. His real name being Arata One, ne0 wants to show the seedier entities of the world that there’s reason to fear doing wrong. Using his cracking skills, ne0 alongside his team will take on various criminals and baddies with technology and skill. However, can ne0 face off against the worst the dark underworld has in store?

Discussion Time

Ne0;lation, this week, threw in a new challenge for our powerful cracker in the form of a drift race against a man named Boogie. Alongside a monk, ne0 must defeat this Boogie to learn more about his rival Gevaudan! While this race has only just begun we’ve already begun seeing some cool themes with ne0 using his cracking skills to alter the car’s performance and to give the monk a chance at beating Boogie. There was a lot to love in chapter 10 of Ne0;lation, but we also are seeing some flaws the series might begin to have.

Why You Should Read Ne0;lation Chapter 10

1. Car Racing

The latest chapter of Ne0;lation has a ton of great shounen themes to it to create a nice new arc for the series. This new car race that ne0 and this monk are engaged in seems to be silly but will allow ne0 to find out more on Gevaudan. Plus, who doesn’t love a good car race in manga!? We do hope the monk wins too…we don’t want him losing his shrine to this Boogie guy.

2. ne0's skills

ne0 has already begun showing us skills left and right when it comes to all things technological. Now with this car race though, we can see literally anything with a computer system is in ne0’s control! This will surely be important in later chapters showing that Neo can access more than just regular old computers.

Why You Should Skip Ne0;lation Chapter 10

1. OP'ed as heck

We are starting to see a pattern that ne0 might be a bit overpowered as a cracker. Thanks to his cracking skills, ne0 seems to be able to hack into anything with a computer base and while that shows his skills it also leaves us worried of a recurring theme in Ne0;lation. Neo might never face a challenge he can’t solve unless Gevaudan is directly involved. This in turn leads to another issue…

2. Lack of Villains

While we love Gevaudan for how scary he is as a villain, like Batman and Joker, we hope ne0 faces other villains worth his skill. Gevaudan clearly has a lot of intelligence and isn’t afraid to kill or maim his enemies but we want to see other enemies for ne0 to face of equal skill. This could be fixed by having more of Neo’s allies like Daigo appear a bit more often or have them face similar big threats. Yet, without some newer enemies of equal intelligence to ne0, Ne0;lation might get old fast.

Final Thoughts

Ne0;lation chapter 10 is shaping the series up to allow for more than just regular old computer battles and sneaking missions for our cast of “heroes”. Though it also worries us that ne0 might only have one true threat to face in the form of Gevaudan and we don’t want that to be the case. It’s still early in Ne0;lation’s run to worry too much about a slew of villains, but we love shounen stories like this one to have a large cast of baddies to test the main characters in ways they—or us—don’t expect. What are your thoughts on Ne0;lation chapter 10? Did you love it or did you feel it had some weaknesses? Comment below to let us know and for more manga chapter reviews just keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

ne0lation-manga Ne0;lation Chapter 10 Manga Review


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