Ne0;lation Chapter 11 Manga Review

ne0lation-manga Ne0;lation Chapter 11 Manga Review

The Truth Behind Boogie’s skill Revealed!

  • Episodes : Tomohide, Hirao
  • Genre : Shonen Jump
  • Airing Date : Action, Shounen
  • Producers : March 3, 2019

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Ne0;lation chapter 11 was quite an awe inspiring moment when we read it here at Honey’s Anime. That shocking reveal that boogie—who we thought was just a wicked racer—is actually allowing his car’s PC to do the racing for him was quite a shocker. Ne0 we knew though wasn’t going to allow Boogie to simply win because his car uses the skills of all the other racers. No, instead ne0 seems to have a plan but will still need the monk to utilize some good driving for it to succeed. We anticipate chapter 12 will be the climax to this race between man and machine, but we will say this was one of the stronger chapters so far! We still have some concerns though for the series, but chapter 11 is more positive than negative.

Why You Should Read Ne0;lation Chapter 11

1. Quite An Epic Race!

Last chapter we didn’t think too much of a race between ne0, a monk and some dude called Boogie. Now though—after that revelation of Boogie’s skills being a façade—we actually are enthralled in this epic race. Not only does it show ne0 does need to rely on others despite his cracking skills but it shows that Ne0;lation can do it all—story wise—and still make things entertaining.

2. Ne0 is Unbeatable!

Ne0 is truly a skilled PC wizard and if we’ve learned anything by now, its that he’s unbeatable. Maybe ne0 was kind of bested by Gevaudan, but it took a man with his same level of intellect and PC skills to best him. That means ne0 can basically out class anyone of lesser intellect or skill making him a truly terrifying anti-hero.

Why You Should Skip Ne0;lation Chapter 11

1. Ne0 is Unbeatable…

As cool as it is having a super PC master as a main character, it once again worries us for the longevity of this series. Ne0 is awesome but his skill are sometimes a bit too much. Even he knows that for him to be taken down, he needs to meet someone like Gevaudan again and we doubt Ne0;lation will make dozens of enemies like him. Ne0 needs to be nerfed slightly…seriously.

2. This Isn’t Initial D!

Racing in manga can either be super epic or fall a bit flat. Ne0;lation’s racing arc falls into a bit of the middle ground. While we are enjoying this epic race, we also find it a bit silly and know its going to be over extremely soon. This race could have been stretched out a few more chapters, but clearly they aren’t trying to go for Initial D level quality.

Final Thoughts

Ne0;lation chapter 11 was overall a solid episode with an epic race that while almost over, still shows that this series isn’t going to be tied down by any one genre. That’s a good element to have for a shounen when a series can change gears and still be fun and exciting. Ne0 though still concerns us here at the hive because he might end up being too overpowered as the series continues forward. Do you agree with us or have any other thoughts on ne0 or Ne0;lation? Comment below to let us know and for more Ne0;lation reviews don’t stray too far from us here at Honey’s Anime!

ne0lation-manga Ne0;lation Chapter 11 Manga Review


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