Ne0;lation Chapter 16 Manga Review

Love and Death
  • Mangaka : Tomohide, Hirao
  • Publisher : Shonen Jump
  • Genre : Action, Shounen
  • Published : April 7, 2019

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

This is the chapter we’ve been waiting for, but wow...that emotional moment nearly killed us. Chapter 16 of Ne0;lation shows a slightly older teen Arata One who is clearly honing his hacking skills and rejoices seeing Tobari’s medicine is close to being finalized. Unfortunately, a random criminal hijacking--and we mean random--occurs to Tobari and her mother on their way to the hospital. Arata hacks the hijacker’s cell but is unable to initially do much and Tobari ends up losing her medicine when the criminal becomes violent! Arata goes into a rage and sets the hijacker’s phone on fire allowing the police to swarm in and nab him...but the damage is done; Tobari is rushed to the hospital but clearly ends up in a critical state. Arata and Tobari share one more final moment together where they Tobari confesses her love to him--and him to her--wishing that he use his wizard skills not for just one person but for everyone. Thus, the chapter ends and we’re left with our eyes spewing forth waterfalls. Poor Arata indeed loses Tobari as we figured would happen, but it leads to the birth of ne0 in the process and allows the world to be partially saved by his actions henceforth. Truly, this week’s chapter was amazing and there is absolutely no reason to skip it!

Why You Should Read Ne0;lation Chapter 16

1. Arata’s Reason to Fight Evil

We already know that Arata is someone who finds it necessary to take down anyone he considers evil, but now we know what made his convictions so strong. While it’s not uncommon in shonen stories to have the protagonist become a hero from dark or sad beginnings, Ne0;lation does a great job of giving a seemingly real situation for a man to want to become a vigilante. Arata--now ne0--has our full understanding going forth and we’re going to root for the dude nonstop from here on out.


Tobari’s death hits us hard here at Honey’s Anime. This girl clearly loved Arata and the feeling was mutual as they bonded as kids being the odd ones out. That emotional moment when she confessed her love for him and proclaimed she always knew how he felt was truly touching and powerful. Ne0;lation has had some solid moments of emotional tidings, but chapter 16 easily is the best so far!

Final Thoughts

Ne0;lation chapter 16 was our personal favorite of the series so far. It had everything we needed to see how Arata became ne0 and equally makes his purpose just. We can only hope later chapters can perform just as well or better but only time will tell. Did you like Ne0;lation chapter 16? Let us know using the comments section down below! For all your Ne0;lation review needs--as well as other manga series--be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

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