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January 2020


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Mikazuki Kashou leaves his home, which is the traditional Japanese sweet shop, to open his own cake shop "La Soleil" as a patissier.
Chocola and Vanilla are hiding in the boxes sent to his shop. He opens his cake shop with them because he was begged to keep them after attempting to send them back.

The cats from his house, including Shigure, who is the younger sister cat, Azuki, who is the older sister of Chocola and Vanilla, Maple, Cinnamon, and Coconut, come to the shop and helps him, making his life cheerful and exciting.

One day, Chocola meets an unknown cat while on an errand...

This heart-full Neko Story starts by meeting an interesting stranger cat!

Characters & Voice Actors

Chocola: Yuki Yagi

She is a cat who has honest and optimistic personality and loves his master. She is a twin with Vanilla and is the youngest cat among the Minaduki family. She is not good at thinking about difficult topics, but instead, she is cheerful and friendly. She acts even before she thinks. She is sometimes clumsy but is a hard-working cat who is loved by everyone.
Vanilla: Iori Saeki

She is a patient cat who does not talk much. She loves Chocola. She is a twin with Chocola and is the youngest cat among the cats of Minazuki family. She is often misunderstood for being quiet, but she is actually a smart cat and has good insight. She acts at her own pace and is a clever cat comparing to Chocola. She is also a cat with kindness.
Minaduki Kashou: Shinnosuke Tachibana

He is a master and a patissiere of the pastry Soleil. He decides to work for his dream and becomes independent by leaving his home, where he sells traditional Japanese sweets. He is an earnest and hard-working man. His hobby is his job. He is also a kind man who is nice to the cats.
Minaduki Shigure: M・A・O

She is the younger sister of Kashou and the master of the cats. She loves his brother, whose age is apart from her. She is very skilled at business, that she owns her own company. She is a behind-the-scenes supporter because she cannot leave her home. She sometimes goes out-of-control.
Azuki: Shiori Izawa

She is the oldest female cat at the Minaduki family, who is free-spirited and lives her life at her own pace. She is selfish and has a bad mouth equally to everyone. She is lazy most of the time, but she can do any work if she feels like working (expect for physical labor). The word "short-legged" is her complex, so this word should not be mentioned to her.
Maple: Miku Itou

She is a smart cat with a big ego. She loves the latest trends and brands, and she speaks with a soft voice only when she wants those items. She is very straight-forward, but she also cares about others around her at the same time. She is afraid of dark locations, therefore she needs to have all lights on when she goes to the bathroom during the night. She cannot eat or drink hot food.
Cinnamon: Yuri Noguchi

She always has a smile and an easygoing personality. She is in the mother position among the cats because she is actually smart and care-taking. She is sensitive to dirty topics and often in mating season. She is an extreme masochist and a fantasist, but does not favor any sexual interaction with others. She has the biggest bust among the Minazuki cats.
Coconut: Marin Mizutani

She is a kind, tall, and glamorous cat. But she is the 2nd youngest cat among the cats of Minaduki family. She has a complex on her appearance which is not so girlish. She is obedient to her master (Shigure) more than any other dog and has a high physical ability. Although she loves to help others, she often messes things up because she is clumsy.
Cacao: Yuuka Morishima

A cat that Chocola meet while she was on an errand.

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Main Staff
  • Original Creator: NEKO WORKs
  • Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto
  • Series Composition: Go Zappa
  • Character Design: Yuuichi Hirano
  • Music: Akiyuki Tateyama

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