Net-juu no Susume (Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life) - Fall 2017

Net-juu no Susume

Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

Airing Date:
October 10, 2017


Honey’s Highlights

mo-happy2 Net-juu no Susume (Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life) - Fall 2017
Done with reality and everything that has to do with it? Then just drop out! That's what Moriko did!
mo-happy2 Net-juu no Susume (Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life) - Fall 2017
Yeah. This is almost borderline Isekai because she is spending so much of her time in a fantasy world, but there are flashes of reality as well.
mo-happy2 Net-juu no Susume (Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life) - Fall 2017
She reminds me of Gabriel from Gabriel DropOut and Ako from Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko Janai to Omotta?
mo-happy2 Net-juu no Susume (Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life) - Fall 2017
Maybe they are on to something. Let's quit reality and start a life online!

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Moriko Morioka (F). 30 years old. Single. NEET.
Moriko has dropped out of the real world. Searching for somewhere to rest, the place that she has arrived at is the online world!!

“Reality blows”

Moriko Morioka has just set herself free from the world of white collar work and become a NEET. Searching for a sense of fulfillment, she sets off on a journey to the online world! The place that she arrives at is online gaming; called netoge for short.

In the world of netoge, Moriko has begun a new life as a gentle, good-looking guy with silky hair known as Hayashi. As an exposed newcomer, right when she is about to be taken by death, a sweet, cute girl named Lily lends her a helping hand.

“She’s an angel~!!!!”

Thanks to her chance encounter with Lily, she is able to make allies that she can trust and slowly Moriko is able to become more and more fulfilled with her online life. During those times, she meets Yuuta Sakurai, a mysterious, good-looking, blonde haired, blue eyed, elite company employee offline in the real world. The change Moriko experiences in the real world begin to have an effect on her netoge world as well?! How exactly is her netoge lifestyle going to change?!

If you are searching for true “satisfaction”, log into this world where the real and the online intersect!

Three Episode Impression

Moriko Morioka–yes, the name is that tragic–has had it with reality. She says bug off to the big man and quits her job. With her savings full, she decides to go and become a society drop-out and live her fantasy life online, in an MMORPG. There, she joins a guild and gets the human interaction and support that she has needed for a long time. However, now that she has quit the company that she was working for, she starts to have human contact in the real life around her and, sometimes, due to this, she briefly forgets about her game life. However, it is time to log back in and see her guild members!

What is it about this anime? You know exactly what we are saying! This anime is GREAT. There is just something about it that is so enjoyable, so fun, and so relaxing, that this feels like it would be a shame to binge, even if you could sit down and watch it all in one go. Moriko is relatable to all of us in that she wants more from her life and finds satisfaction in her hobbies, much like how anime fans do, and she is a rather gentle human being. Slightly misunderstood is a possibility, but she tries her hardest to not let things get that way. This is a fantastic anime and if you are one of those anime fans that only watches 3-5 anime a season, or you are that person that waits till how things end to watch something, run, don’t walk, to watch this gem.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Moriko Morioka

Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto

After graduating from high school and quitting the company that she was working at, Moriko became a single NEET. In her long-awaited lifestyle as a NEET, she is searching for a sense of self-satisfaction that she was unable to attain the real world. She does this via spending her days indulging in online games.

She has a polite manner of speaking and has a quiet demeanor, but she is very energetic in her mind. On one hand, she has an honest side to her personality that is overjoyed about the smallest things. She also, though, has another side to her where trivial things can pull her into a negative, bothered state.

Yuuta Sakura

Voice Actor: Takahiro Sakurai

Yuuta met Moriko by chance and they became acquaintances. An elite company employee for a trading firm, Yuuta is half-British, and with his blonde hair and blue eyes, he has a striking appearance.

He has some kind of deep connection with Moriko and is at a loss about various things when it comes to her. Yuuta is not social, and so when the conversation is not about business, he immediately becomes a coward.

Homare Koiwai

Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno

Homare is a co-worker of Yuuta. At Moriko’s previous place of employment, Homare also worked there in a different department. A pleasant man, he is often trying to meddle with Yuuta, who also knows Moriko, and Moriko herself.

Acting indifferent about everything, he also has a cool side to him that is accurately analyzing everything. Homare has an overbearing personality and forces others to do everything at his pace.

Kazuomi Fujimoto

Voice Actor: Takuma Terashima

Kazuomi is a college student who works part-time at a convenience store in Moriko’s neighborhood. He takes his job very seriously, is thoughtful, and is a very quiet employee, but on the inside, he has a very candid and bright personality.


Voice Actor: Ryouta Suzuki

Hyashi is the male character that Moriko plays as inside the online game. She designed him to be the most attractive and good-looking character, but because he talks like and is energetic like Moriko, he is viewed as slightly pathetic and harmless to both humans and animals. His job class in-game is ‘Knight’.


Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

Lily is a female senpai player who is the first character that Hayashi meets inside the world of Freidmeil. With a gentle tone, a cute exterior, and the first person whom Hayashi is taken care of by, he calls her ‘angel.’ Within the guild, she is known as a working-adult who spends excessive amounts of money on in-game purchases. Her job class in-game is ‘conductor’.


Voice Actor: Yuuichi Nakamura

Kanbe is the guild master of ‘@home party’ With his short stature, dark skin, bearded exterior, and more, his outward personal appearance is that of an older brother character. Even though he acts like a master and is strict, Kanbe acts like a doting parent towards his members and thinks of them more than anyone else. He is a bit sharp with his words, but this is also his way of joking. His job class in-game is ‘assassin’, but due to the chronic lack of advance guards, he is frequently having to equip himself with a shield to make things work…


Voice Actor: Yuuka Aisaka

Lilac is slightly maniacal girl who has a love for cat ears and tiny breasts. Of course, her avatar also reflects those interests. She has one side to her that is like a walking megaphone spilling everyone’s secrets, but she is not a bad person. Her job class in-game is ‘shaman’.

Episodes10 + 1 unaired episode
Other TitleRecommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Sunday Night Question by Megumi Nakajima
  • Ending Song: Hikari Hikari by Yuuka Aisaka

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Rin Kokuyou
  • Director: Kazuoshi Yaginuma
  • Assistant Director: Saori Den
  • Editing: Yuuki Honda
  • Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
  • Character Design: Senbon Umishima
  • Sound Director: Hozumi Gouda
  • Music: Conisch

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