Netflix Announces Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho Drama Series

What You Need to Know:

  • It was announced on December 16th that "Yu Yu Hakusho", Yoshihiro Togashi's manga masterpiece, will be made into live-action for the first time on Netflix and will be distributed as a drama series.
  • "I am delighted to be able to maximize the appeal of the magnificent world view of the original by bringing together the best teams from home and abroad."

    Kazutaka Sakamoto, Executive Producer

  • The original is a blockbuster manga serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha) from 1990 to 1994 and supported the magazine's golden age. In an adventure drama depicting the activities of the main character, Yusuke Urameshi, and his friends, the story begins with a shocking development in which Yusuke dies in the first episode. After that, it is a fantasy adventure that straddles the human world, the demon world, and the spirit word, and confrontations between unique characters come one after another. Even now, a quarter of a century after the end of the series, it is still loved by fans for a long time.
  • Fourteen year old Yusuke Urameshi is the toughest kid in his junior high. He constantly gets into fights with other students, he ditches class on a regular basis, and he hates listening to authority figures. So, it comes as quite a surprise to everyone when he suddenly jumps in front of a car to save the life of a little boy. However, because of his noble sacrifice, Yusuke was given a second chance at life. But, things are much different the second time around. He can see ghosts, fight demons, and harness his own spirit energy. With his heightened senses and new abilities he is appointed the position of Spirit Detective. Yu Yu Hakusho is the story of Yusuke growing out of his immature, delinquent phase and becoming a man capable of protecting those he loves and the world from supernatural threats. (Honey's Anime)
  • "I grew up with the original and the enthusiasm and shock I felt still remains as a vivid memory. Even after 20 years, the excitement has not diminished, and fans continue to grow all over the world including Asia, and at Netflix, we will make the most of the platform and a high degree of freedom."

    Kazutaka Sakamoto, Executive Producer

  • Stay tuned for airing dates and cast info when it becomes available.

Source: Oricon News

honey-thinking2 Netflix Announces Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho Drama Series
This could be really good...
honey-thinking2 Netflix Announces Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho Drama Series
or reeeeeally bad....