ICYMI: New Die by the Blade Playable Demo Unleashing at Steam Next Fest

Die-By-the-Blade-KV ICYMI: New Die by the Blade Playable Demo Unleashing at Steam Next Fest

Channel your inner samurai with Kwalee’s brutal one-hit-kill sword-fighting game

What You Need to Know:

  • Sharpen your blades, warriors. Kwalee is thrilled to announce that the release of a playable demo for the brutal sword fighting game Die by the Blade will be available at the upcoming Steam Next Fest. Developed by Grindstone and Triple Hill Interactive, Die by the Blade is set in a stunning samuraipunk world where players must choose from a range of traditional Japanese weapons to determine their move set, parry their opponents’ blows with lightning speed using dynamic one-hit-kill combat mechanics. The demo will introduce 1v1, 1vsAI, Vs Local and Vs random online gameplay modes.
  • Available from 6th February via Steam, the Die by the Blade demo will introduce three playable characters from the game; Yoshi a wandering Samurai who lives his life in the service of the locals he meets, Butterfly, a resistance fighter against the American tech corporation Praxis and Nakamura, a shadowy commander and fearsome warrior loyal to Ashikaga Daimyo. Once you have selected your warrior, choose from either the katana or wakizashi swords, and wage battle in brutal 1v1 combat across three diverse samurai-punk-inspired locations.
  • Features

  • Master the one-hit-kill, parrying, and dodging mechanics to withstand a flurry of blows and cut down your opponents in seconds
  • Choose from a range of traditional Japanese blades to define your moveset and playstyle
  • Take on your friends or test your strength against players from around the world with our local and online 1v1 multiplayer
  • Hone your skills in Practice Mode, battle your way through Tournament Mode, or see where you stand in online Ranked matches
  • Explore a samuraipunk world through the game’s arenas: battle in the zen-like calm of a traditional Japanese temple or take the fight to the graffitied streets of the city
  • Make your weapon and warrior your own with in-depth customization features
  • Die by the Blade will launch for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox One & Series S/X in 2023. Fans can wishlist the Die by the Blade on Steam now. Keep up to date with all the latest news by visiting the official social media channels - Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Discord

Source: Official Press Release