Night Head 2041 Anime Arrives Summer 2021

Night Head 2041

Sci-Fi, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Drama

Airing Date:
Summer 2021


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Naoto Kirihara and Naoya Kirihara are brothers on the run, persecuted all over the world because of their supernatural powers.
Takuya Kuroki and Yuya Kuroki are also brothers but, as members of the National Security Force, they aim to catch the Kirihara brothers.

These brothers are at the mercy of the world----
Definitely, they four should never meet.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Naoto Kirihara

Voice Actor:

Naoya Kirihara

Voice Actor:

Takuya Kuroki

Voice Actor:

Yuya Kuroki

Voice Actor:

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Jouji Iida
  • Director: Takamitsu Hirakawa
  • Script: Jouji Iida
  • Series Composition: Jouji Iida
  • Character Design: Ito Oogure
  • Music: Yutaka Yamada

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