Kyoto Animation's Historical Anime "Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku" Is in The Making !!

Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku

Historical, Romance

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Kyoto Animation

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The story takes place in the summer of 1907, the 40th year of the Meiji Era, and follows a girl named Inako Momokawa who lives in Fushimi, Kyoto. It seems like Inako can never do anything right, and every day she gets a scolding from her father. Her only solace is the faith she places in her prayers to the gods. One day, while she is praying at Fushimi Inari Shrine like she always does, she encounters a freewheeling young man who spouts out in disgust, “I don’t believe in things I can’t see.” The young man’s name is Kihachi Sakamoto; he rejects the gods and boasts that the age of electricity is coming.

One day, the topic of marriage is sprung on Inako and her father is one-sidedly making all the decisions. Deep inside she values her own self-worth, but she almost resigns herself to her father’s plans. Kihachi draws out her true feelings of wanting to run away, and takes her away from her close minded family.

The only way to stop Inako’s wedding is to find an unusual book entitled “The Electricity Catalog.” When Kihachi was a child, he wrote down his electricity prophecies in the book, but his older brother Seiroku took it, and now its whereabouts are unknown. Kihachi and Inako run around Kyoto and Shiga from place to place in search of the book.

What secrets could possibly lie hidden away in “The Electricity Catalog”...?

Characters & Voice Actors

Kihachi Sakamoto:

A 15-year-old boy who works at a shop on Shinkyogoku Street named Hourai, which sells Buddhist articles. He’s also in charge of repairing machines and loves electricity. He first became interested in electricity when he went to the 5th National Industrial Fair held in Osaka, where he was fascinated by the near-future machines that run on electricity. Firmly believing that “the 20th century is the century of electricity,” he wrote “The Electricity Catalog,” a book in which he recorded all of his wild ideas about future electric inventions. Despite his family living in a temple, he loses his faith in the gods and after getting into a huge fight with his father, he leaves home. He dreads dark places.
Inako Momokawa:

A 15-year-old girl who is the second daughter of Momokawa Sake Brewery in Kyoto’s Fushimi area. She’s a pure and active girl, but is extremely clumsy and always makes mistakes. Her father, Jin’emon, is constantly scolding her because of that. When compared to her older sister, who is good at everything, she grows pessimistic. She has a strong faith in the gods and whenever something is troubling her, she goes to Fushimi Inari Shrine to pray to the great miracle-working deity Akubi. She has a habit of saying “Believing is my only saving grace.” Catching mice with her bare hands is the one thing she can do better than anyone else.
Noriko Momokawa:

Inako’s 20-year-old sister. She’s mature, can do anything flawlessly, and has been gifted with both brains and beauty—a sharp contrast to Inako. Her childhood friend Kengo is her fiancé, but whenever they see each other, all they do is end up quarreling, so her wedding is currently on hold. Inako adores the white kimono her sister wears and her long glamorous hair. Even though Noriko has been around the sake brewery her entire life, she doesn’t like the smell of sake.
Kengo Kuga:

The second son of Kuga Tsuneyoshi Rice Shop, a rice dealer in Otsu. He’s 24 years old and is a serious guy with a strong sense of justice, who Inako loves like an older brother. His fiancé Noriko and him get along like a cat and a dog. They constantly fight and he’s always annoyed by her sharp tongue. During the Russo-Japanese War, standing at 5’11'' (180 cm) and built like a truck, he would recklessly rush headlong into battle, earning him the nickname “Kuga the Steam Locomotive.” He currently pours himself into charity work such as helping the Salvation Army.
Seiroku Sakamoto:

Kihachi’s older brother. He acts tough, but is scrawny and is always foolishly laughing. He makes fun of others and Kihachi is wary of his lies. He’s the one who taught Kihachi about the magic of electricity. Kihachi also inherited his brother’s freewheeling behavior and doubts about the gods. Seiroku loves high places and his dream is to climb the Eiffel Tower someday. He held on to “The Electric Catalog” because Kihachi thought his father was going to burn it.

"Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku" (Light novel)
Nijuuseiki-Denki-Mokuroku-KV Kyoto Animation's Historical Anime "Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku" Is in The Making !!

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hiroshi Yuki
  • Original Illustrator: Kazumi Ikeda

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