NISA Blog Unveils GIFs Previews for Characters' Rose and Giant in A Rose in the Twilight!

What You Need to Know:

  • A Rose in the Twilight is looking to be one promising and beautifully designed title, and NIS America has decided to share some GIFs for fans to check out!
  • The first batch of GIFs is now live and available for A Rose in the Twilight! All the GIFs can be seen on the NISA Blog.
  • For more information regarding Rose in the Twilight be sure to click the link below! In the meantime, check out one of the GIFs along with the official trailer!

Source: Rose in the Twilight Website

Rose, has a Thorn Power ability, allowing her to control blood and time. Her partner, the giant, has incredible strength to move heavy objects and the ability to throw Rose in areas unreachable by herself. Utilize Rose's Thorn Power ability and the giant's strength to solve multiple puzzles! Uncover the mysteries within the castle and find out the connection between the Rose and the dark castle corridors.

NIS America Blog

honeys anime character
The art direction in A Rose in the Twilight is beautiful, and Rose is such a cute character!

honeys anime character
From watching the trailer the gameplay looks interesting as well. Certainly worth a try!

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