Nure-toro 3P Otona no Omocha Monitor - Shall We Test These Toys?!

Monogamous relationships aren’t everyone’s cup of tea; sometimes people like to go a bit further, including a third party in the relationship. This can be a short term decision or something that will last for a long time, depending on how the people involved feel… but when it comes to BL manga, the more people sharing a bed, the better, right? If you’re a fan of threesomes and innocent ukes, Nure-toro 3P is what you’re looking for!

There’s Always an Uke in Need

Whether you’ve read loads of BL manga or not, you might have noticed that most of the time, the uke is in desperate need of money. They are usually presented with different options, the most common one of those being to sell their body for some cash. That could be suggested to him in different ways. Mutsumi’s case is not that different from the usual approach: he’s a broke college student who needs some money to pay the rent. Browsing through job offers, he stumbles upon a high-paying one, and it sounds like it could be really easy too!

After sending his application, he discovers the ones recruiting are two of his classmates, Senri and Natsuki. Thinking that it’ll be a pretty straightforward job, Mutsumi follows them to their office, but what he finds there leaves him completely speechless. When he sees what Natsuki and Senri expect him to test, Mutsumi thinks about running away… but he’s in desperate need of the money, so he decides to stay and give it a try anyways.

These Toys Are Not for Kids…

Unfortunately for Mutsumi, his job as a tester is not going to be as easy as he thought. When he arrives at his employers’ office, he’s soon presented with a wide selection of toys… from the adult variety. It wouldn’t be a proper yaoi manga if there weren’t any adult toys involved, right? Even though he doesn’t like the idea, he’s easily convinced when Natsuki tries one of the toys with him. Senri doesn’t want to be left out, so he grabs another toy and starts playing with Mutsumi.

It doesn’t take long for Mutsumi to get used to the sensations, soon enjoying everything that the other two do to him. And because he’s simple-minded, he agrees to come back to test and review more toys. Things escalate fast when Natsuki replaces the toy with his own member, shoving it up Mutsumi’s butt while Senri is there watching! Not missing a beat, Senri takes the chance to teach Mutsumi how to pleasure him with his mouth. This is definitely not for kids…

Senri or Natsuki?

The worst part about a manga with two main semes is choosing who is best for the uke. Most of the time, the uke will end up dating one of them, the other seme forever forgotten, rotting away in the friendzone. Why make the uke choose when he can have both? Both Senri and Natsuki have great qualities that would make them the perfect partners for Mutsumi, and they both care a lot about him.

Not even Mutsumi is sure if he wants to pick one of them. While Natsuki seems like a cool guy who can get any girl he wants, he has a sweet side, looking after Mutsumi, taking him out for dinner and buying him the ice cream that he likes the most. On the other hand, Senri appears to be a distant person, but with Mutsumi he shows his caring side, helping him study and looking after him when Mutsumi catches a cold. All of these things only make it harder to choose one of them to stay with Mutsumi. Plus, Natsuki and Senri are both extremely handsome and hot! We hope Mutsumi decides to stay with both of them, honestly.

Final Thoughts

Manga like Nure-toro 3P always makes it hard for fujoshis to decide who the main seme should be—watching three guys having steamy sex is more than enticing, and it also makes us feel a little bit naughty…

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who Mutsumi ends up with, as long as we get to enjoy some raunchy sex scenes. We just wish this manga went on for a couple more volumes!

Nure-Toro-3P Nure-toro 3P Otona no Omocha Monitor - Shall We Test These Toys?!

Author: Yaz L.

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