Nyanko Days - Winter 2017

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Nyanko Days

Slice of Life

Airing Date:
January 8, 2017

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Honey’s Highlights

mo-happy4 Nyanko Days - Winter 2017
Oh my goodness what is this? Cute half-girl half-cat characters that are actually just cute? I need this so much in my life!!!!!! Nyanko Days is definitely going to be my anime for winter!!!!!!!!!!!!
mo-happy4 Nyanko Days - Winter 2017
It's a shame that this is a short anime though. It could definitely hold promise in the Slice of Life category for Winter 2017.
mo-happy4 Nyanko Days - Winter 2017
No matter how you look at that PV though, it is very clearly similar to Himouto! Umaru-chan. It gives similar vibes to Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge and Lucky Star as well. This is going to be a very comfortable anime.
mo-happy4 Nyanko Days - Winter 2017
Mmmmm I hope the episodes are like 10 minutes long and not like 2 or 4 minutes.

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When shy Yuuko comes home from school, there are three cute cats that come to meet her. (=^・ω・^=)(=^・ω・^=)(=^・ω・^=)

Three Episode Impression

So this is an adorable bundle of joy, though we're sad that it's only 2 minutes a week. Nyanko Days is pretty much a minute and a half of a cute girl petting, cuddling, and playing with her three adorable kitties, plus a terrifyingly catchy opening (ending?) song. So far it's been surprising just how much adorableness they can fit into that short time, with the kitties Ma, Shi and Ro quickly being set up with their own personalities and preferences just like any real cat. They've also outlined a basic plot with main character Yuuko being bad at making friends, but looking like she's finally going to make some: a simple story, but one that's ideal for giving a very short series such as this a little extra flavour. If we were to give one thing an upgrade it would be the art quality, which although cute and simple, perhaps leaves a bit to be desired. But whether you're really into moe or just want a guilty pleasure series to give you a quick smile, Nyanko Days serves as a sweet and simple solution to both tastes.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Yuuko Onagai

Voice Actor: Akari Uehara

Yuuko is a shy girl. She is currently raising three cats.

Azumi Shiratori

Voice Actor: Naomi Oozora

Azumi is rich and subsequently is popular. She is in the same grade as Tomoko and is raising one cat.


Voice Actor: Ibuki Kido

Maa is one of Tomoko’s cats and is a munchkin cat. Lively and cheerful she likes to tease others. She also loves to be spoiled.


Voice Actor: Mikako Komatsu

Roo is another one of Tomoko’s cats and is a Russian blue. She is smart and serious. Roo is extremely wary of people she does not know.


Voice Actor: Erii Yamazaki

Shii is the third of Tokomo’s cats and is a Singapura. She is a crybaby.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Nyanko is L❤︎ve! by every❤︎ing!

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tarabagani
  • Director: Yoshimasa Hiraike
  • Character Design: Miwa Ooshima
  • Animation Director: Miwa Ooshima
  • Sound Director: Abe Nobuyuki
  • Music: Quatrestella

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