OH, DEER! Beta - PC Preview

Going to grandma’s house has never been odder

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC, MAC
  • Publisher: Necrosoft Games
  • Developer: Necrosoft Games
  • Release Date: NA

Who it Caters to

OH-1-OH-DEER-Beta-Capture-560x321 OH, DEER! Beta - PC Preview
Don’t you just hate when you’re driving a car and a deer comes into view and ends up damaging your precious ride? How about those times where you’re going out to a relative’s place and find your trip ruined by a deer just lazing about in the road on a blind turn? Well OH, DEER!, by developer Necrosoft Games, gives you a chance at payback. For those who like ridiculous racing games, OH, DEER! will appeal to you as it harkens back to games like Out Run all while having elements from newer age racing titles. If you want some wicked tunes while proving your Sedan is stronger than a deer, then OH, DEER! is right up your alley.

What to Expect

OH-1-OH-DEER-Beta-Capture-560x321 OH, DEER! Beta - PC Preview
The OH, DEER! beta provides players a glimpse at what could be the final product for a silly game about racing a Sedan and hitting deer on the road. Players will accelerate and drift their way through a barrage of deer in various locations to eventually reach Grandma’s house. However, with gas running low, every action matters and if you let the deer slow you down then it’s game over! OH, DEER! is meant to be a fun and simple title, with emphasis on the word simple. For the insanely low price of $6.66—this is the legit price as of now—OH, DEER! wants to give you the means of racing along the road without a real fear of hitting deer and wrecking.


OH-1-OH-DEER-Beta-Capture-560x321 OH, DEER! Beta - PC Preview
There is no real story to OH, DEER! Players take control of a driver who plans on heading to grandma’s house but is finding this task a bit complex. On the road are an armada of deer trying to impede your way. You’ll have to race along these streets either avoiding the deer or slamming into them to hopefully reach your destination. Are you ready for one hell of a ride? Buckle up then, OH, DEER! is going to test your reaction skills and ability to prove your Sedan is one mean machine.


OH-1-OH-DEER-Beta-Capture-560x321 OH, DEER! Beta - PC Preview
If you’re a gamer then most likely you’ve come across strange games in your lifetime. Odd games like the recent A Dystopian Queueing Simulator! which has you waiting in line for several long minutes. Then there are games like Organ Trail: Director’s Cut which takes a timeless classic and zombifies it. Weird games aren’t new to the gaming world and developer Necrosoft Games seem to want to take a stab at creating a weird title themselves. With their latest title called OH, DEER!, players literally are about to experience a racing game similar to Out Run but with an emphasis on hitting deer. Welcome to our preview of the beta for OH, DEER!

Assuming you’re not old enough to remember Out Run—it was an old game after all—we’ll explain the theme behind OH, DEER! In OH, DEER!, players are going to drive to a set destination—or if it’s survival, just drive for as long as they can—with time ticking down in the form of your gas tank drying out. Run out of fuel and it’s game over, simple as that. The focus in OH, DEER! is to maneuver your Sedan as fast as you can while avoiding the walls which slow you down and the deer on the road. Though equally, there are some deer you want to hit as they provide boosts in speed and other strange elements we won’t spoil for you. OH, DEER! makes you choose between either hitting the deer or not and at times this makes for an unusual metagame.

You see in OH, DEER!, you are racing the fuel gauge but equally, you want to nab points. You get points by reaching further into game and for hitting deer. Why you get points for hitting deer? Honestly, we have no idea here at Honey’s Anime, but it’s comical and a bit messed up in equal measure. That’s essentially the whole idea behind the gameplay of OH, DEER! Drift, hit deer, make it as far as you can and repeat till you grow tired of it. An extremely simple idea indeed but one that works in odd games like OH, DEER!

Now let’s describe the modes in OH, DEER! As of right now, the beta for OH, DEER! only has a grandma’s house path and a survival path. The former has an end—we think, it’s been a challenge to reach it, to be honest—while the latter goes on for as long as you can keep reaching new areas indicated by a change in background and road color. We’d like to see more modes in OH, DEER! in future updates, but as of right now, these modes offer up a few hours of enjoyment before you begin to grow slightly tired—and possibly agitated—of driving for what seems like an eternity. There are some odd hints that OH, DEER! might have a horror-like theme to it—which is very noticeable when you hit some deer and or the gas runs out—but maybe that’s meant to be a silly aesthetic of OH, DEER! and nothing more.

OH, DEER! graphically looks very dated but in a good way. We mentioned OH, DEER! playing very similarly to Out Run and in many ways, the visuals mirror that title as well. Everything from the cars to the scrolling backdrops feels like a title made in the mid-80s and for some of us here at Honey’s Anime, this is a great thing indeed. The music on the other hand mixes old sounding beats with odd techno/hypno themes. This style of music might not appeal to all gamers, but we think it works very well in OH, DEER! keeping the player engaged and on their seat while playing.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

OH-1-OH-DEER-Beta-Capture-560x321 OH, DEER! Beta - PC Preview
OH, DEER! is one of those titles that you look at and just have to scratch your head in the process. In terms of gameplay, OH, DEER! works quite well with solid old school driving elements and great music to keep the adrenaline going. Yet, will OH, DEER! stave off boredom after playing it for a few hours? That’s where we can’t say yes or no here at Honey’s Anime HQ. OH, DEER! makes for an entertaining and silly game and for the low price—at least for now—there is more to gain than to lose. We hope that maybe there will be a bit more to OH, DEER! when it eventually releases such as having more cars or more modes to enjoy, but this is still a beta so anything is possible for now. OH, DEER! is a weird game but if you want a weird and enjoyable title to play then we fully say download it today via the official website.

Honey's Pros:

  • Odd but comedic ideas
  • Awesome tunes to drive to
  • Simple mechanics with controller support as well
  • Just downright ridiculous but in a fun way

Honey's Cons:

  • Needs more diversity in modes/cars to use
  • Maybe have other objects you can hit instead of just deer

Honey's Final Verdict:

OH-1-OH-DEER-Beta-Capture-560x321 OH, DEER! Beta - PC Preview
Right now, OH, DEER! seems to be a solid silly game that is meant to laugh at and play when you’re just in the mood for something extremely simple. There are some rather strange themes to OH, DEER! and maybe the developers have some future plans to add even more to this already odd title, but for now, the beta shows a fun game that isn’t meant to be taken seriously. OH, DEER! won’t wow you with amazing graphics or awesome racing themes, but will be a great title to show off to friends for some laughs at its comedic nature. Are you thinking of picking up OH, DEER! despite how strange it is? Let us know your thoughts using those comment boxes down below. Remember folks, for all your gaming previews, reviews and news needs, be sure to keep returning to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

OH-1-OH-DEER-Beta-Capture-560x321 OH, DEER! Beta - PC Preview


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