Okami HD - PlayStation 4 Review

Still the pinnacle of beauty

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2017

Who it Caters to

Okami-HD-game-300x376 Okami HD - PlayStation 4 Review
Okami HD returns us once more to the paws of Amaterasu but now on the modern consoles. Players will explore lush environments that feel like literal living art pieces. Once more, fight various opponents utilizing Amaterasu’s powerful quick strikes and artistic abilities. For those who love action-adventure titles, Okami HD is a real treat and is quite affordable thanks to being only $19.99. Art, action, story and adventure are some of the things you could look forward to if you dive into the Japanese themed world of Okami HD.

What to Expect

Okami-HD-game-300x376 Okami HD - PlayStation 4 Review
Okami HD throws players into a living canvas as they use a mixture of exploration and art powers to save a world in peril from evil forces. With a mixture of combat, exploration and puzzles, Okami HD allows players to experience Japanese folklore in both a visual and narrative sense. Created in 2006 by Capcom and Clover Studios, Okami HD enhances the visuals to allow for 4k support as well as different screen formats. See Amaterasu’s world in every piece of stunning beauty in this remaster of a fantastic title from yesteryear. Bring back beauty and life to a dying world in Okami HD.


Okami-HD-game-300x376 Okami HD - PlayStation 4 Review
Based on Japanese folklore and legends, we see Susano foolishly ignoring warnings of the powerful and evil Orochi and releases her causing a curse to befall the land. Hoping to reseal Orochi once more, Sakuya—a wood sprite—remembers the legends of a powerful sun god known as Shiranui who sealed Orochi, alongside a powerful swordsman named Nagi, and heads to a shrine to summon the Sun God known as Amaterasu. Being a reincarnation of Shiranui, Amaterasu—in the form of a white wolf—is then tasked by Sakuya to save a village directly affected by Orochi’s curse. With a small artist called Issun accompanying Amaterasu the two then go off to save the village and stop Orochi together. Together, the duo will use a powerful artifact known as the Celestial Brush to bring beauty back to the world and remove the evil that is Orochi.


Okami-HD-game-300x376 Okami HD - PlayStation 4 Review
In 2006, developer Clover Studios released a rather unique title known as Okami. Needless to say, thanks to the incredible gameplay and art found in Okami, it became a well loved title that, several years later, would get an HD version on the PS3. Now in 2017—11 years from the first game and several from the PS3 version—Okami HD has once more been released for the modern day consoles and the PC. Here at Honey’s Anime, we were blessed enough to get a copy of the PS4 version and have found ourselves happy to re-experience this amazing title. Let us now talk about our thoughts as we review Okami HD.

Let’s begin by saying to those who have played the original Okami or Okami HD for the PS3, this version is exactly the same besides a few minor visual tweaks and 4k support. That means for those looking for a completely new experience, you might be a bit disappointed and don’t need to know anymore about Okami HD. Though if you have never played any version of Okami HD, let us explain why this game is truly an amazing title even today. First, we’ll start with the gameplay.

Okami HD is a fusion of adventure and action gameplay. Players take the helm of Amaterasu as they journey through various locations. At times, you’ll fight various enemies and bosses using quick attacks and special abilities, and then other times, you’re taking on quests for villagers or wandering souls to help them with different tasks. It’s a simple gameplay set up but it works incredibly well because each element works quite differently from one another. Let’s talk about the adventure elements first.

Okami HD plays a lot like The Legend of Zelda franchise. Players will navigate a large world and enter dungeons to search for items and to face bosses. Players can also interact with NPCs which offer quests that range from silly things like collecting food to even drawing them a specific item. Though the main draw of Okami HD is the literal ability to draw ingame. Amaterasu uses an item known as the Celestial Brush which gives players the means of doing numerous things to the environment such as making the night turn to day by drawing a sun or even repairing a broken bridge by filling it with zigzag strokes. As you progress in Okami HD, you will gain nearly a dozen techniques for your brush and each ability has different uses for either puzzles or even combat. Now speaking of combat, that is the other element we wish to explore in Okami HD.

Combat is simple but quite enjoyable in Okami HD. Amaterasu—being a wolf—is able to attack with her quick movement and fangs but that’s not all you can do. Players will gain one of several weapons that can each change how Amaterasu fights. These weapons range from rosary-like weapons to large swords which are called Glaives. Each tool Amaterasu can use functions quite differently keeping Okami HD’s combat from ever getting stale. Add to that the various bosses/enemies you will face and you’ll be looking at a combat system that doesn’t ever get dull even after the 40+ hour campaign. Okami HD gives players a nice feeling of progression at the end of the day thanks to gaining new skills, leveling up—via points gained from enemies and quests—and various areas to explore.

Needless to say, Okami HD plays incredibly well and allows for a nice feeling of progression. However, Okami HD shines in one element more than any other and that is in the visuals. With a mixture of watercolor and cel-shading art, Okami HD is gorgeous. Add to this an impressive Japanese focused OST and you’ll soon find yourself lost in the world of Okami HD like we were here at Honey’s Anime. The only thing we could do without is the voices which even in 2006 annoyed us thanks to their odd Animal Crossing-like sound but some people won’t ever feel this is a problem though we know others do dislike this element of Okami HD.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Okami-HD-game-300x376 Okami HD - PlayStation 4 Review
Despite Okami HD being essentially just a port of an already remastered game, thanks to the power of the modern consoles, Okami HD still looks amazing. The issues lie with the fact that if you have played either the original 2006 Okami or the PS3 version, there’s very little reason to once more buy Okami HD as nothing new has been added outside some resolution enhancements. Though if you never played the past alliterations, you need to buy Okami HD to experience one of the most beautiful and fun adventure titles Capcom has even released to the public. Plus, for only $19.99, you are getting a pretty decently length title—clocking in at 40 hours or so if you just are playing for the main story—which means you’re getting a decent amount of content for a pretty nice price. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime fully recommend Okami HD to all who love action-adventure titles and beautiful art in equal measure.

Honey's Pros:

  • Still retains amazing visuals
  • Solid action elements
  • Simple but fun puzzles utilizing the brush abilities
  • Beautiful narrative
  • Great OST

Honey's Cons:

  • If you have played the original or HD version for the PS3, there’s no reason to rebuy or play this again
  • Voices still irritate us even today

Honey's Final Verdict:

Okami-HD-game-300x376 Okami HD - PlayStation 4 Review
Okami HD still impresses us despite this being the second re-released of a HD version. For those who have never gotten the pleasure of seeing one of the best looking titles ever made, then Okami HD is a worthwhile investment and we loved once more stepping back into this fantastic adventure title. Are you excited for Okami HD and are planning on picking it up soon? Comment down below and tell us as well as let us know if you liked the review. Remember to stick to our hive here at Honey’s Anime for more gaming news and articles as well as all the anime love we can share.

Okami-HD-game-300x376 Okami HD - PlayStation 4 Review


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